50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with B: Inspiring Choices for New Moms

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Hello, super moms! Choosing a name for your baby girl is as exciting as it is momentous. Our handy guide on ’50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with B’ is here to walk you through this beautiful journey. Here’s to finding that perfect name that tells a unique story!

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with B

Famous names can often be inspiring. Just take Benedicta Boccoli, the celebrated Italian actress, or Berenice Abbott, a notable photographer known for her black-and-white photography of New York City architecture and urban design in the 1930s. And let’s not forget Basiliki ‘Vicky’ Leandros, the Greek singer who gained global fame and even represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. BasilikiBasiliki, BasileikiRoyal
2. BeatriceBeatrix, BeatrizVoyager or Traveller
3. BelenBelan, BelinBright, Shiny, White
4. BereniceBernice, BerenikaBringer of Victory
5. BiaBea, BeiaPower or Force
6. BissyBissey, BisyVine
7. BriseisBrisais, BriseidaDaughter of Briseus
8. BrygidaBrigida, BrygitaStrength or Exalted one
9. ByrnnBryn, BrynaHill
10. ByrgetBirget, BirgettThe Exalted one
11. BabetteBabbete, BabettStranger or Traveler
12. BanayBanai, BannayBloom
13. BardhaBarda, BardhWhite
14. BasoBasa, BasoFlame
15. BessaBess, BessiTo Worship God
16. BethanyBethanie, BethaniHouse of Figs
17. BlathnaidBlathnat, BlaithnaidFlower or Blossom
18. BobbieBobbi, BobbeyBright Fame
19. BrigitaBrigitta, BrigitteSublime or Noble
20. BritomartBritomar, BritomarteSweet Maiden
21. BryaBriya, BryiaStrong, Noble
22. BrynaBrina, BryniaVigilant, Awake
23. ByzantiaByzantina, ByzantieFrom Byzantium
24. BaccaBaka, BacaBerry
25. BalbinaBalbine, BalbiniStutter
26. BallonaBalona, BaloniaA Goddess
27. BambiBambie, BambeyChild
28. BaniaBanya, BaniyaCreator
29. BaretBarett, BarettaHeadband
30. BariBary, BariyShe who Sings
31. BarinBaryn, BaryneNoble Fighter
32. BernaBerna, BerrnaBrave like a Bear
33. BilquisBilqis, BilqisaQueen of Sheba
34. BonaBona, BonnaGood
35. BoraBory, BoreaForeign, Strange
36. BressalBresal, BressallShine
37. BrizoBriza, BrizoaSlumber
38. BrylleBryll, BrylliaArmour
39. ByaBeya, BiaWoman
40. ByrebaByreb, ByrebaDynamic
41. BabbieBabe, BabieStranger
42. BabyBabie, BaybieInfant
43. BaiaBaya, BaiyaBay
44. BaisaBaisah, BaysaWhite
45. BakaBakka, BakahCow
46. BalaBalah, BallaYoung
47. BaniBanee, BaneyBuilt
48. BardotBardote, BardottBard’s home
49. BayaBaiya, BayahTo Talk, To Speak
50. BellaBela, BellahBeautiful, God is my Oath

We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of ’50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with B.’ As exciting as the journey of motherhood is, choosing that perfect name for your little one is one of its high points. We invite you to continue exploring, find more inspiration and ideas in our other baby name lists on our site. Here’s to finding that perfect name that resonates with you!

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