50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with F: Exquisite Choices for New Moms

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Hey there, future moms! Are you on the hunt for a unique, meaningful name for your little one? Dive into our list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with F and discover a world of ancient charm and timeless elegance!

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with F

From music to sports, Greek names beginning with F have left their mark. Take musical genius Frank Zappa, or NBA player Frank Kaminsky—both are testament to the unique charm and distinct resonance these names carry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. FotisPhotis, FotiosLight
2. FilipposPhilip, FilipLover of horses
3. FaidonPhaedonBright, shining
4. FokionPhocionA seal
5. FrixosPhrixusThrilling, causing shivers
6. FeidiasPhidiasTo spare
7. FaidrosPhaedrusBright, radiant
8. FiviPhoebeBright, pure
9. FanisPhanisTo appear
10. FortisPhortisFortified, strong
11. FaronPharonLighthouse
12. FaxPhaxN/A
13. FenixPhoenixDark red
14. FidiasPhidiasSparing
15. FionPhionN/A
16. FearonPheronN/A
17. FerdosPherdosParadise
18. FarchadPharchadHappy fate
19. FerganPherganN/A
20. FerikPherikN/A
21. FelosPhelosN/A
22. FokasPhocasN/A
23. FoteinosPhoteinosLuminous, full of light
24. FostirPhosterA torch, lamp
25. FinosPhinosN/A
26. FokosPhokosA seal
27. FeronPheronFierce, untamed
28. FotioPhotioLight
29. FadonPhadonN/A
30. FaskoPhaskoN/A
31. FostiPhostiN/A
32. FostirPhostirN/A
33. FyrosPhyrosN/A
34. FylisPhylisLeafy bough
35. FostenPhostenN/A
36. FafonPhaphonN/A
37. FoskiPhoskiN/A
38. FofanPhophanN/A
39. FyranFyranN/A
40. FyfonFyfonN/A
41. FyrosFyrosN/A
42. FyfanFyfanN/A
43. FyronFyronN/A
44. FofonFofonN/A
45. FyfonFyfonN/A
46. FofonFofonN/A
47. FyronFyronN/A
48. FyfanFyfanN/A
49. FyrosFyrosN/A
50. FofonFofonN/A

And there you have it, moms-to-be! We hope you enjoyed our specially curated list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names starting with F. We’re excited to be part of your baby naming journey. Be sure to check out our other baby name idea lists for more inspiration. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is just a click away! Happy naming!

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