50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with D: Dive into Our Dazzling List

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Are you diving deep into the world of baby names, exploring unique ones that resonate with you? Our comprehensive list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with D might just have the perfect gem you’ve been hunting!

Notable People with Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Let’s look at some influential figures who’ve made their mark while bearing Greek names starting with D. First, there’s Demetri Martin, an American comedian known for his witty humor. Then we have Dion DiMucci, a Hall of Fame musician who defined an era. And of course, there’s Dimitri Vegas, one part of the house DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, who’ve made waves in the music industry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DamarioDamari, DamerioGentle, tame
DamonDaman, DamenTo tame, subdue
DaphnisDafnis, DafnysA laurel
DeaconDeakin, DekenDusty one, servant
DeliosDelius, DelionFrom Delos (Greek island)
DemetriusDemetrio, DemetriDevoted to Demeter (Greek goddess)
DemosDemoss, DemusThe people
DenysDenis, DenizFollower of Dionysius (Greek god)
DinosDino, DynosTerrible, potent
DionDione, DionnChild of heaven and earth
DionysiusDionysus, DenisGod of vine, wine
DmitriDmitry, DimitriEarth-lover
DoliusDolus, DolyusDeceptive
DorisDorys, DorrisGift
DoronDoren, DaronGift
DorusDorrus, DorosGreek tribe name
DositejDosithius, DositheusGiving to God
DositheusDositheos, DositeusGod’s gift
DraconDrakon, DracanDragon, sharp-eyed
DrakonDracon, DrakenDragon
DryasDryus, DryassOak
DynamisDynamys, DynamosPower, energy
DysonDison, DisonnSon of the divine
DaedalusDedalus, DaidalosSkilled craftsman
DardanusDardanis, DardanionA region in Asia Minor
DariusDareus, DariushWealthy, kingly
DeimosDeimoss, DeimosseTerror
DexiusDexios, DexeousDexterous, Right-handed
DaedalosDaedelos, DedalosSkilled craftsman
DaphnesDafnes, DaphnusLaurel tree
DaresDareus, DarisLearned
DariasDario, DariussWealthy, kingly
DelphinusDelphin, DelphineusDolphin
DemosthenesDemosthenis, DemostheneStrength of the people
DiomedesDiomede, DiomedGod-like cunning
DorotheosDorotheus, DoroteoGift from God
DrususDruseus, DrusoStrong, virile
DyophonDyofon, DyofunDeep voice
DysisDysys, DysisseSunset
DalmatiusDalmatiuss, DalmatousFrom Dalmatia
DamianosDamiano, DamianeTo tame, subdue
DanaiusDanaio, DanaeusGreek mythological figure
DexionDexionn, DexionusReceiver
DionidorosDionidoro, DionidoreGift of Dionysus
DolphusDolphos, DolphussDolphin
DraganDragane, DraganoPrecious, dear
DymasDymuss, DymosPopular man

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with D. We’re thrilled to accompany you on this special journey of choosing your baby’s name. Remember, each name carries with it a unique story and significance. Feel inspired to continue your exploration with more of our baby name idea lists on our website. Happy naming, mama!

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