50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with C: Cherishing Your Little Hero’s Identity

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Hey there, future mama! If you’re on the hunt for a baby boy name that’s as unique as your little one will be, dive into Greek mythology! Our list of ’50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with C’ will inspire you and lead you to a name that’s as special as your new arrival.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Cosmos, Callixtos, or Cryus — Greek baby boy names beginning with ‘C’ have been carried by some remarkable people. Cosmos Mindeleff, a renowned archaeologist, explored mysterious ancient ruins. Cryus the Great, an antiquity’s king, ruled with wisdom and strength. These names do more than sound strong, they have the history to back it up.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CalixCalyx, Calixte“Very handsome”
CallistoCallistus, Kallisto“Most beautiful”
CassanderKassander“Shining upon man”
CharonCharun, Charos“Fierce brightness”
ChironCheiron, Kheiron“Hand”
ChromiosChromius“Strength” or “power”
ClaosClaio“Renowned or glorified”
ClementKlement, Clemens“Gentle and merciful”
CleophasKleophas“The whole glory”
CletusKletos“Called or summoned”
ClitusKlitus“Renowned or famous”
CoenusKoenos“Common” or “universal”
CorinthusCorinthosNamed after the city of Corinth
Cosmoskosmos“Order” or “ornament”
CresphontesKresphontes“Gold life”
CrispinCrispus, Crispinian“Curly-headed”
CronusCronos, KronosPossibly meaning “to accomplish” or “to fulfill”
CubeliosKoubelios“He who handles the helm”
CychreusKychreus“Swell of the sea”
CyprianCyprien, Ciprian“Man from Cyprus”
CyriacusCyriaco, Kyriakos“Of the Lord”
CyricusCyr, Cyris, Kyrikos“Masterful”
CyrillusCyril, Cyrill“Lord”
CyrusCyr, Cyros, Kyros“Lord” or “far sighted”
CadmusKadmos“From the east”
CalogerusKalogeros“Monk” or “hermit”
CharesKhares“Grace” or “kindness”
ChrysanthosChrys, Chrysantos“Gold flower”
ChrysippusKhrisippos“Gold horse”
CleombrotusKleombrotos“Famous might”
CleonidesKleonides“Sons of glory”
CleonymusKleonymos“Renowned name”
ClidemusKlydemos“Renowned people”
CritiasKritias“The Decider”
CritolausKritolaos“Judging the people”
CtesippusKtesippos“Possessing horses”
CylleniusKyllenios“Of Mt. Cyllene”
CyrasKyras“Supreme power”
CyreneKyrene“Sovereign Queen”
CytherusKytheros“Of the lyre”

Thanks for exploring our list of ’50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with C’—we hope you’re as excited as we are about these distinctive, powerful names. Remember, naming your little hero is a momentous journey. Be sure to check out more of our baby name lists on our site to make your journey filled with inspiration and delight!

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