50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with A for a Timeless Choice

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Choosing your little one’s name is a thrilling journey, packed with love and anticipation. Explore our rich compilation of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with A, each brimming with a unique charm and powerful legacy.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Let’s meet some iconic personalities who share these Greek names starting with A. Hollywood actor Alexander Skarsgård, renowned philosopher Aristotle, and acclaimed author Alex Garland are a striking testament to the allure and impact of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AndreasAndre, AndrewManly, Brave
AlexandrosAlex, AlexisDefender of Man
AthanasiosAthan, ThanosImmortal
AngelosAngelo, AngelMessenger of God
AnastasiosAnastas, TasosResurrection
AgapiosAgapito, AgapiLove, Affection
AchilleasAchilles, AkilPain or Sorrow
AlkiviadisAlkis, AlkiStrength, Power
AntoniosAnton, TonyInvaluable, Priceless
AniketosAniket, NikosUnconquerable, Invincible
AgathonAgo, AggieGood, Kind
AlkeosAlkeus, AlkisStrength
AnaxagorasAgoras, AnaxiLord
AgamemnonAgamen, MemnonVery Steadfast
AnargyrosArgi, AnargiUnbribable
AlphaiosAlphai, AlChanging
AloeusAlo, AloiPainless
AndronikosAndro, NikoVictory of a Man
ArionAri, ArisMelody
AsteriosAsteri, SeriStarry, Heavenly
AresAris, ResGod of War
ArgosArgi, GoBright
ApollonApollo, LonDestroyer
AristosAris, TosoBest, Excellent
ArielAri, ElLion of God
ArsinoosArsi, ArsiniMan’s Grace
AsimakisAsima, MakiLittle Isaac
AsklipiosAski, KlioMortal Healer
AthosAtho, HoAwful
AtlantasAtlanta, LantaNot enduring
AtreusAtri, ReusFearless
AzorAzo, ZorHelper, Supporter
ApollodorosApollo, DoriGift of Apollo
ArchimedesArchie, MedesMaster Planner
AristophanesAristo, PhanesBest Appearing
AristeidesAri, TeideBest Kind of Man
AristotelisAri, TeliBest Purpose
AthanasiusAthan, NasiImmortal, Eternal Life
AgapetusAgape, PetusBeloved, Dear
AnaniasAnani, NiasGod is Gracious
ArseniosArseni, SeniVirile, Manly
AlexanderAlex, XanderProtector of Mankind
ApollinarisApollo, NariBelonging to Apollo
AristarchusAristo, ChusBest Ruler
AnastasiusAnastas, StasResurrection
AutolycusAuto, LycoThe Wolf Itself
ArchippusArchi, PusMaster of the Horse
AgathangelosAgatha, AngelGood Messenger, Angel
AristogeitonAristo, GeitonBest Earth Worker
AntiochusAnti, ChusResistant, Stubborn
AnicetusAni, CetusUnconquered
ApollosApollo, LosDestroyer

Thank you for embarking on this journey through our curated list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with A. We hope you’ve found inspiration and maybe even the perfect name for your baby boy. Continue this exciting voyage of discovery by exploring more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Here’s to finding a name that fits your little one perfectly!

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