50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with U to Set Your Child Apart

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Hey mama! Discovering that perfect name for your little dude can feel like a big job, right? Let’s make it a fun adventure instead. Dive into our curated list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with U to find a name as unique and special as your little one.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting with U

Did you know that ‘U’ names have been carried by many influential figures? The actor, Usher, with his unique soulful charm, or Uri Geller, the renowned illusionist who dazzled audiences worldwide. Unicorn, as quirky as it sounds, is the pseudonym of the popular American street artist. These names are more than letters; they carry stories of triumph, talent, and tenacity.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UptonUptin, UptenHigh Town
UrbanUrben, UrbonFrom the City
UriahUria, UrriahGod is My Light
UsherUshur, OsherGatekeeper
UlrickUllrick, UlrikPower and Rule
UrielUrial, UryelGod is My Light
UgoUgee, UgyMind, Heart, Spirit
UrialUriel, UrialeLight of God
UxbridgeUxbrige, UcksbridgeFrom the Bridge
UziahUzziah, UziyahStrength of God
UlmerUllmer, UlmarFamous Wolf
UlyssesUlysse, UlisseWrathful
UlsterUlstur, UllsterNoble Strength
UlandUlland, UlandeCountry’s Glory
UmberUmbur, UhmberShadow
UnityUniti, UniteeHarmonious
UmarUmarr, UmaroLong Life
UnwinUnwyn, UnwinnNon-Friend
UtahUta, UthaPeople of the Mountains
UzzielUzzyel, UziyelGod is My Strength
UbertoUberti, UbertaBright Mind
UmbertoUmberte, UmberthoRenowned Warrior
UlyssUlys, UllissEnduring
UniUnie, UneThe Universe
UndineUndin, UndeneWave
UptonUptone, UptinUpper Town
UrbanoUrbanoe, UrrbanoFrom the City
UriUrie, UrryMy Light
UrieUrry, UriGod is My Light
UzomaUzome, UzomaThe Good Way
UdellUdale, UdelFrom the Yew Tree Valley
UlbertUllbert, UlburtNoble Brightness
UlandUlland, UlandeFrom the Noble Land
UlricUlrik, UlrickPower of the Wolf
UptonUptin, UptanUpper Town
UmfrayUmfre, UmfriePeaceful Strength
UpwoodUpwode, UhpwoodFrom the Upper Forest
UrianUriane, UryanPrivileged Birth
UrquhartUrkhart, UrquharteFrom the Rowan Tree Orchard
UsherUshar, UshurGatekeeper
UrialUriall, UryalGod is My Light
UlmanUlmann, UllmanRich
UrbaneUrbanne, UrbainFrom the City
UzziahUzzyah, UziahStrength from God
UranusUranos, OuranosHeavenly
UdeleUdel, UdaleProsperous
UrbainUrbaine, UrbinFrom the City
UptainUptane, UptinHigh-Ranking
UniversityUniversitie, UniversitiKnowledge Institution
UtrilloUtrill, UtrilArtist’s Surname
UzairUzayr, UzyrBright

And there you have it, mama! Thanks for adventuring with us through our list of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with U. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is out there—it just takes a bit of inspiration to uncover it. We invite you to explore more of our curated lists, filled to the brim with unique and charming baby name ideas. Happy naming!

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