23 DIY Rainbow Crafts For Kids That Are Super Simple To Make

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We’ve collected 23 bright and colorful DIY rainbow crafts for kids, that are not only super simple to make, but also the kids will love making them! 

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Kids are drawn to bright colors, so they will absolutely love craft time that involves rainbows. These easy to make crafts are fun for St. Patrick’s Day, color learning, weather crafts, and more.

Gather a few inexpensive kid craft supplies, and let them express their creativity. What a great rainy day craft!

With just a few inexpensive craft supplies, the kids can make colorful and creative DIY Rainbow Crafts. There are easy ideas for toddlers, pre-school and even school age. They can make a bright rainbow, with a pot of gold, for St. Patrick's Day.

Or how about a paper plate rainbow on a rainy day to incorporate easy weather learning? Rainbow crafts are also a perfect way to help kids learn their colors.

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