50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting With W That Stand Out in a Crowd

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Welcome, soon-to-be mommas! If you’re in search of a name starting with ‘W’ for your little girl that’s rich in culture and unique in meaning, you’re in the right place. Our list of 50 Chinese baby girl names will offer you an array of beautiful choices, waiting to be discovered.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting With W

Wang Zhenyi, a noted astronomer and poet, and Wen Jiabao, a former Chinese premier, are remarkable figures who showcase the poise and strength associated with Chinese names starting with ‘W’. Names have power, and by choosing a name with ‘W’, your baby girl will share an initial with inspiring individuals known for their great accomplishments.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WaiWa, WayLovely
WanWong, WangBeautiful and graceful
WeiWey, WeePrecious
WenyiWen-yi, WenyArtistic and intellectual
WenWynn, WenneWarm and affable
WulingWul, WuliExtraordinary spirit
WanyuWan-yu, WanyBeautiful jade
WeizhenWeiz, WeizePrecious and valuable
WuniWun, WunniWarm sunlight
WuyiWu-yi, WuyHigh and lofty
WanliWan, WanleeThousands of miles
WanjunWan-Jun, WanjThousands of armies
WenyaoWen-Yao, WenyaArtistic jade
WenzhuWen-Zhu, WenzArtistic pearl
WenhuiWen-Hui, WenhuWarm and kind
WeifengWei-Feng, WeifeGentle breeze
WuxingWu-Xing, WuxiFive elements
WenxiaWen-Xia, WenxWarm and bright
WenxinWen-Xin, WenxiWarm-hearted
WubiWu-Bi, WubiDance rhythm
WenzaoWen-Zao, WenzoEarly morning
WeixiaWei-Xia, WeixaBeautiful dawn
WeilingWei-Ling, WeiliBeautiful spirit
WulanWu-Lan, WulaMoon
WuxiaWu-Xia, WuxiFemale knight
WuyueWu-Yue, WuyuFive mountains
WanjiaWan-Jia, WanjiA thousand families
WeiqiWei-Qi, WeiqSurrounding game
WeiqinWei-Qin, WeiqiElegant zither
WenyueWen-Yue, WenyeArtistic moon
WeixuanWei-Xuan, WeixuBeautiful bamboo
WeijingWei-Jing, WeijiBeautiful view
WeilinWei-Lin, WeiliBeautiful forest
WeiqianWei-Qian, WeiqiBeautiful spring
WeiranWei-Ran, WeiraBeautiful orchid
WeixiaoWei-Xiao, WeixaBeautiful smile
WeichunWei-Chun, WeichBeautiful spring
WeiyuWei-Yu, WeiyBeautiful jade
WenhaoWen-Hao, WenhoWarm and good
WenliWen-Li, WenliWarm and beautiful
WenlanWen-Lan, WenlaWarm and kind
WenyinWen-Yin, WeniArtistic sound
WeimeiWei-Mei, WeimeBeautiful plum
WeihuanWei-Huan, WeihuBeautiful ring
WeihuiWei-Hui, WeihuBeautiful kindness
WeifenWei-Fen, WeifeBeautiful fragrance
WeihongWei-Hong, WeishongBeautiful rainbow
WeirenWei-Ren, WeishrenBeautiful benevolence

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey through the world of baby names! We hope our list of 50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting With W has sparked your imagination. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is out there. Continue exploring our other name lists to uncover even more enchanting options for your baby-to-be!

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