50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting With W: Harmonizing Tradition and Trend

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Cradling a new life means embracing new beginnings, right down to choosing the perfect name. In our list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with W, we’re exploring the harmony of culture, tradition, and uniqueness that these names offer. Get ready to get inspired, Mamas!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with W

Feeling more connected to a name often starts with recognizing it. Wang Leehom, a globally recognized musician and actor, and Wu Jing, an acclaimed martial artist and filmmaker, are but a few notable figures that shine with their Chinese names starting with ‘W’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WeiWei Li, Wei ShuValor, greatness
WenWen Li, Wen FaiCulture, writing
WuWu Jia, Wu LiMighty, martial
WanWan Li, Wan KaiTen thousand; a multitude
WangWang Li, Wang JiaKing, monarch
WaiWai Fai, Wai YingGreat, big
WeiwenWeiwen Li, Weiwen FaiGreat culture, great refinement
WeifuWeifu Li, Weifu JingGreat wealth, great husband
WeihuaWeihua Li, Weihua KaiGreat and magnificent
WenjianWenjian Li, Wenjian ShuCultured and healthy
WenchengWencheng Kai, Wencheng LiCultured and accomplished
WenfengWenfeng Jing, Wenfeng ShuCultured and peak
WenxuanWenxuan Li, Wenxuan KaiCultured and profound
WuyiWuyi Jing, Wuyi ShuMartial arts
WanliWanli Kai, Wanli JingTen thousand li (a measure of distance)
WanpengWanpeng Shu, Wanpeng KaiTen thousand birds
WangjunWangjun Li, Wangjun KaiKing or monarch
WeideWeide Kai, Weide LiGreat virtue
WeimingWeiming Li, Weiming ShuGreat brightness
WeipengWeipeng Kai, Weipeng LiGreat friend
WeiqiangWeiqiang Jing, Weiqiang KaiGreat strength
WeirenWeiren Li, Weiren ShuGreat benevolence
WeishanWeishan Jing, Weishan LiGreat kind
WeiyuanWeiyuan Shu, Weiyuan KaiGreat original
WeizheWeizhe Jing, Weizhe KaiGreat wisdom
WenboWenbo Shu, Wenbo LiCultured and precious
WenchaoWenchao Li, Wenchao JingCultured and super
WendingWending Jing, Wending ShuCultured and stable
WenguangWenguang Li, Wenguang KaiCultured and bright
WenjieWenjie Jing, Wenjie ShuCultured and clean
WenlaiWenlai Kai, Wenlai LiCultured and coming
WenmingWenming Shu, Wenming KaiCultured and bright
WenpingWenping Jing, Wenping LiCultured and peace
WenqianWenqian Li, Wenqian KaiCultured and modest
WenzheWenzhe Jing, Wenzhe ShuCultured and wise
WufanWufan Shu, Wufan LiMartial arts and ordinary
WugangWugang Jing, Wugang KaiMartial arts and strong
WuhaiWuhai Kai, Wuhai ShuMartial arts and sea
WujieWujie Li, Wujie JingMartial arts and clean
WukongWukong Kai, Wukong ShuMartial arts and empty
WulangWulang Jing, Wulang LiMartial arts and wolf
WunanWunan Shu, Wunan KaiMartial arts and difficult
WuningWuning Jing, Wuning KaiMartial arts and calm
WushengWusheng Li, Wusheng ShuMartial arts and victory
WutongWutong Kai, Wutong JingMartial arts and copper
WuyiWuyi Shu, Wuyi LiMartial arts and clothes
WuzhouWuzhou Jing, Wuzhou KaiMartial arts and continent
WuzunWuzun Li, Wuzun KaiMartial arts and respect
WuzuoWuzuo Shu, Wuzuo JingMartial arts and seat

Thanks, Mamas, for embarking on this exciting journey with us today! May our list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with W spark the perfect naming idea for your little one. For more inspiration, feel free to dive into our other lists featuring charming and meaningful baby names from across different cultures, right here on our site. Stay inspired!

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