50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with S that Reflect Heritage and Beauty

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Hey mama-to-be! If you’re scouting for a unique and beautiful name that starts with S for your baby girl, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a list of 50 Celtic baby girl names just for you, overflowing with charm, heritage, and grace.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Right from Siobhan Fahey of the iconic pop group Bananarama, to Saoirse Ronan, the Academy Award-nominated actress, Celtic names starting with S have graced many influential women. Even Siobhan Thompson, the British-American comedy writer and actress, carries this remarkable Celtic name with pride and elegance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SabiaSabine, SaviaSweet
SaighdiúirSaighe, SaightiúirSoldier
SailleSaela, SaeleWillow
SaidhbhínSaidhe, SaidhbhinLittle sweet one
SáraSáraí, SaraiPrincess
ScáthScatha, ScatheShadow, Shade
SeanaShana, ShaneGod is gracious
SearcSerk, SercLove
SeoidínSeoidin, SoidinLittle gem
SerenSerin, SerynStar
SeosaimhínSeosaimhin, SeosamhineFeminine form of Joseph
SíanaSiane, SyanaGod’s gracious gift
SíleSile, ShileBlind, Sixth
SíomhaSioma, SyomhaPeace, Calm
SíthmaithSithmaith, SythmaithGood peace
SiúinSiuin, ShuinGraceful, Little
SiúsaidhSiu, SiuisaidhGrace
SiúrSiur, SiurraSister
SláineSlaene, SlayneHealth
SnaidhmSnaedhm, SnaidmKnot, Bond
SneachtaSneach, SneahtaSnow
SoirleSoirla, SoirleeBright
SoitheachSoithich, SoithichanVessel
SolasSolaes, SolaisLight
SonasSonais, SonnusHappiness
SorchaSorcha, SorchadhBright, Radiant
SpeirbheanSpeir, SpeirbhinSky woman
SruthSrutha, SruthanStream
StadachStad, StadeTired, Weary
StocaíStocaigh, StockighStoic, Resolute
StoirmStuirm, SturimStorm
StrainséirStran, StrainsearStranger
SuaimhneasSuaimhnis, SuaimhneisPeace, Rest
SuaitSuate, SuaiteGentle, Elegant
SúgradhSugradh, SughradhPlay, Joy
SuibhneSui, SuibhniPleasant, Friendly
SúilSuilin, SuileEye, Vision
SúileabánSuilebhan, SuileabhainLittle bright-eyed one
SúileogSuileog, SuloegLittle bright-eyed one
SúlógSulog, SuloghEye
SumhaoirSumhaoire, SumhaoirinGood summer
SúmraSumra, SumrahSummer
SúsannaSusanna, SusanaLily
SwenjaSvendja, SvenjaHoly, Blessed
SynnoveSynove, SynnöveThe sun’s gift

Thank you for diving into our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with S. Choosing a name is an exciting part of welcoming your little one into the world. We hope our list has sparked some inspiration for that perfect name. Don’t forget to explore more of our detailed baby name idea lists, as your perfect baby name might be just a click away!

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