Explore 10 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with X: Rich in Legacy & Meaning

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Hey mama-to-be, excited about your little bundle of joy? Choosing a name is a big deal—it’s a gift that’ll remain with him always. Why not consider a name from the Celtic tapestry, full of strength and mystique? We’ve curated a list of 10 Celtic baby boy names starting with X, each unique and with a story of its own.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with X

In Celtic culture, names carry a strong lineage and heritage. For example, Xavier is a popular Celtic name beginning with X. It’s the name of famed American actor Xavier Samuel known for his roles in ‘Twilight’ and ‘Love & Friendship’. There’s also Xander, short for Alexander, like Xander Berkeley, the accomplished American actor from ‘The Walking Dead’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XavierXavi, Xaver, Xavior“The new house” or “bright”
XanderXandar, Zander, Xandros“Defender of the people”
XanthusXanthos, Xanthous“Golden-haired”
XenosXeno, Xenon“Stranger” or “Guest”
XerxesXerx, Xerxy“Ruler over heroes”
XimenesXimenez, Ximen“He who hears”
XoanXoane, Xoann“God is gracious”
XabiereXabi, Xabiere“New house”
XylonXylo, Xylohn“Forest”
XandieXandi, Xandee“Defender of the people”

Thanks for exploring our unique list of 10 Celtic baby boy names starting with X. We know the name you choose will echo through the years, shaping your little one’s identity. Feel inspired? Dive into more baby name lists on our site and explore the world of unique names awaiting your precious bundle of joy. Here’s to your new journey as mom!

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