50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with W Worth Considering

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Choosing a name for your baby boy is an immensely exciting task. What if you give it a traditional yet trendy touch? Join me in exploring this handpicked assortment of 50 Celtic baby boy names starting with W, and feel the magic each name brings.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with W

An outstanding example is William Butler Yeats, an iconic Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature. His stunning poetry and Celtic heritage have left an enduring influence, just like the timeless baby boy names starting with W we’ll discover.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. WeylynWeylin, WeylenSon of the wolf
2. WynnWyn, WinFriend
3. WyseWise, WyzeThe intelligent one
4. WitterWytter, WhitterThe wise army
5. WhelanWhealan, WhelanJoyous
6. WarwickWarwik, WarwyckStrong leader who defends
7. WylieWiley, WyleyEnchanting
8. WalesWalsh, WaleForeigner or stranger
9. WardenWardan, WardinWatchman
10. WaydeWade, WaydTo go
11. WalwinWalwyn, WalwenWelsh friend
12. WesleeWesley, WesliWest meadow
13. WeldonWeldan, WelldonHill near a spring
14. WendellWendall, WendelWanderer
15. WilfredWilfrid, WilfrydDesiring peace
16. WilsonWillson, WylsonSon of William
17. WhitfordWhitforde, WitfordFrom the white ford
18. WraithRaith, WraythGhost or wraith
19. WaylonWaylen, WaylinLand by the road
20. WestbyWestbey, WestbiWestern farm
21. WelbyWelbey, WelbiFarm near the well
22. WickhamWickam, WiccamVillage meadow
23. WinslowWinslowe, WynslowFriend’s hill
24. WynfordWinford, WynfordeFord by a meadow
25. WilburWilbor, WilberWild boar
26. WulframWulframm, WoframWolf raven
27. WooleyWooly, WoolieWolf’s forest
28. WrigleyWrigly, WrigliMeadow with a rye field
29. WardellWardelle, WardelGuardian of the valley
30. WalcottWalcot, WallcottCottage by the wall
31. WakeleyWakelee, WakelyWet meadow
32. WhitbyWhitbey, WhitbeeWhite farmstead
33. WentworthWentworthe, WentwerthEnclosed settlement
34. WrayWrae, WreyCorner or nook
35. WilmerWilmar, WilmoreStrong desire
36. WarnerWarnor, WarrnerArmy guard
37. WilkieWilky, WillkieResolute protector
38. WhitlockWhitlok, WitlockWhite-haired
39. WheelanWhelan, WhealanJoyful
40. WinthropWinthorp, WinthropeFriend’s village
41. WilmotWillmot, WilmottResolute spirit
42. WindsorWindsore, WindzorRiverbank with a winch
43. WintanWyntan, WintenPasture or enclosure
44. WoodwardWoodwrd, WodwardWarden of the forest
45. WheatonWheatn, WheatanWheat town
46. WycliffWycliffe, WyclifVillage near the cliff
47. WaverlyWaverley, WaverleeMeadow of quivering aspens
48. WellingtonWellinton, WellngtonWealthy estate
49. WulfsigeWulfsege, WulfsageVictorious wolf
50. WhytlockeWhitlocke, WhitlokkeWhite lock

Thanks for journeying through our selection of baby name ideas starting with W! We hope you’ve found inspiration and perhaps even the perfect name for your little one. Ready for more? Continue your quest by exploring the rest of our curated baby name lists on our site. Remember, naming your baby is a magical experience—enjoy every moment!

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