BOB Stroller Wheel Replacement: A Complete Guide

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BOB jogging strollers are the finest strollers available. They’re robust and stylishly made, and they feature top-notch safety and comfort features for your children.

If you’re searching for a jogging stroller, you’ll quickly discover that BOB strollers are more expensive than other baby jogger brands. This is because they’re designed to last and are frequently passed on within families.

It’s a good idea to look into replacing the tires and inner tubes on your BOB stroller before you make a purchase. It’s one of the most crucial things to understand when purchasing a BOB stroller, to make sure it has a long life. Keep reading to learn how!

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How To Remove BOB Stroller Wheels

  • Before taking the rear wheels off, be sure to switch off the parking brake.
  • To remove the tire, first open the quick release lever on the BOB stroller, then take away the wheel. If your BOB stroller model has a secondary lever, you can press it to remove the wheel.
  • To remove the front tire, swivel it forward if your stroller has a front swivel wheel.
  • Remove the wheel by opening the quick release lever, removing the bolts, and unthreading them.

How To Remove Internal Tubes And Tires On BOB Strollers

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  • Remove the caps from both tubes and deflate the inner tube by pressing on the valve’s middle.
  • Remove the screw from the hub, then disconnect the valve stem and pull it out of the rim. Slide a flat-end screwdriver between the tire and wheel in order to gently pry them apart.
  • Insert the second flat screwdriver around 4 inches from the first and gently work the tools to remove the tire off of the wheel. Work in 4-inch steps until the tire is removed, rotating counterclockwise.
  • Locate the inner tube and carefully remove it between the tire and the wheel, starting at the wheel edge and working your way around to the valve.
  • Remove the valve from the wheel’s hole.
  • Remove the tire entirely from the wheel rim.

Steps On How To Replace A BOB Stroller Wheel

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Step 1

Check for any punctures in other tires before removing your current tire to minimize the risk of losing air in all four tires at once! Make sure you have a fresh replacement tire on hand, or that as many fixes-flat patches are evenly distributed around the inner of the tire before reinstalling it into your wheel. While changing your BOB stroller tire, be sure to check for any holes in adjacent tires so as not to lose air in all four simultaneously!

Step 2

Hand tighten and replace the lug nuts when finished until they are fully on yet turn with little effort. Then, using an appropriately sized wrench, tighten each nut firmly against its neighboring wall until secure. Repeat this procedure for each nut after making sure it is working smoothly before proceeding to the next step.

Installing Inner Tube And The Tire On BOB Stroller

  • Check for any foreign objects on the tire and remove them.
  • Set the tire over the wheel rim.
  • To repair a flat tire on the wheel, use a flat edge screwdriver to turn it over the wheel rim.
  • Inflate the inner tube just enough to make it conform to form.
  • Replace the inner tube inside the tire after inflating it.
  • Place the valve over the hole in the wheel and push it through.
  • From the valve, resume the second edge of the tire over the wheel rim.
  • You could need a flat edge tool to finish off the tire over the wheel rim.
  • Re-inflate the tube to the proper pressure level.
  • Replace the valve cap and gasket.
  • Finally, reinstall the wheel on the BOB stroller after it has been properly inflated.

Inner Tube Preventative Care

When you’re outside, there’s not much you can do about what comes down the road.

Be sure to check your stroller tires for thorns, nails, or screws every now and then. Remove the tire from the stroller and remove any item from the rim if you find anything.

Look for any sign that the thorn or nail has broken off and is still embedded in the rubber. If this is the case, extricate it and inspect the tube.

The sharp nail would have pierced the tube, causing it to need to be replaced or mended. We recommend filling your tired with slime if it has passed a leak test and you don’t want small punctures while out on the trails to cause leaks.

Additional Instructions For Reassembling The Wheel On BOB Strollers

  • To install the front two wheels, tighten the adjusting nuts on both sides of the axle until they are just finger tight. As you tighten the tension adjusting nut, make sure the quick-release lever remains stationary.
  • Next, move back and forth over the quick-release lever until you feel resistance.
  • Wrap your palm around the fork blade and fingers around the fork plate, pushing the quick-release lever into the completely closed position.

How To Fold A Three-Wheel Stroller

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Strollers come in a variety of forms and designs to match the demands of your child and family. Here’s how to fold down a three-wheeled stroller. Keep in mind that this procedure will be similar to most other stroller types.

Step One

First, make certain your stroller is on its wheels or base in a standing posture. If you’re using a baby carrier on the handlebars of your stroller, remove it before folding down the rest of the stroller.

Step Two

Next, search for the handle (if any) and/or locks on both sides of the area where your child’s seat would be if they were sitting there.

These are generally between each wheel, but they may vary by model depending on how old it is as well as other circumstances.

Step Three

Then, pull up firmly while pushing forward with your body weight until it clicks into place on one side. On the other side, repeat the process using clean hands.

Step Four

Grab one of the wheels by its axle with one hand, while holding onto the frame directly beneath where each wheel attaches to assist support the weight (if required) and gently lift until all of the air has escaped from within.

You can accomplish this with either a regular pump or an electric compressor, but make sure whatever method you utilize is compressing inwards rather than outwards to ensure there is no excess space after everything has been released.

Step Five

Finally, attach the wheel to its axle and draw it back up on each side (if necessary) feeling for any air that may still be trapped inside with enough force until a firm seal is formed between both sides.

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