25 Spooktacular Halloween Kids’ Crafts You Can Make Together

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As the Halloween holiday season draws closer, ghouls and ghosts will be getting ready to party, and trick or treaters will be choosing what dreadful disguise they should wear this year!

You can keep your little ones busy preparing for this year’s Halloween celebrations with these super-spooky crafting ideas! There’s something here for children of every age group to make, and all the Halloween kids’ craft projects we’ve included in this listicle are simple and inexpensive to create.

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Project #1: Halloween Keepsake Ghost Printable

This super-simple spooky project is perfect for little kids and preschoolers.

Handprints are all that you need to create a collage of ghosts on a neat poster that you can display in your party room on Halloween night or on the wall of your kids’ classroom at school.

Project #2: Puffy Ghosts

If you have very young kids in your household, you might like to give them this easy Halloween creative project to have fun with.

All you need to make these puffy ghosts are cotton balls, craft glue, and stiff card or paper.

Project #3: Spider Web Craft

This fun and simple Halloween craft encourages the development of kids’ fine motor skills.

These super-cute spider webs are made using just Popsicle sticks and yarn. These decorations are fabulous for the classroom and for your home Halloween party too.

Try displaying the spider webs across your windows to create a creepy, crawling display that will strike fear into the hearts of any arachnophobes in the area on Halloween night!

Project #4: Adorable Lollipop Witches

Witches don’t all have to be wicked!

Older children will have great fun creating a coven of cute lollipop witches to add to the table at your Halloween party.

You’ll need lollipops and a few inexpensive items from a crafting store to create these sweeties!

Project #5: Pumpkin Apple Stamps

These pumpkin apple stamps are inexpensive and simple to create and use. Children of all ages can make an impressive display of pretty pumpkins simply by using an apple and some paints.

You can use the paintings as a spooktacular backdrop for your Halloween table or classroom!

Project #6: Ghost Blow Straw Craft

This project is super-fun and really simple to do. Create ghoulish ghosts by blowing paint through a straw!

Finish off your work by adding spooky eyes to give your ghosts a look of shock and awe!

Project #7: Halloween Suncatchers

These Halloween suncatcher decorations are easy to make and look extremely effective hanging in your windows in the fall sunshine!

This crafting project is perfect for older kids who enjoy making things. Be sure to pick up a wide selection of colored tissue paper from your local craft shop, and look forward to welcoming a weird collective of ghouls, pumpkins, witches, monsters, and everything in between to your home this Halloween!

Project #8: Pumpkin Party Favors

You can create these cute pumpkin party favors for just a few dollars. These easy-to-make Halloween table decorations also make a super trick or treat giveaway with a difference!

All you need for this project are a few bags of mixed wrapped sweets, pumpkin-colored tissue paper, and green tape.

This Halloween craft is suitable for kids of all ages, although younger children might need a little parental supervision.

Project #9: Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries

Candlelight is a must-have on Halloween, and these mummy Mason jar luminaries will certainly add a few flickering, spooky shadows to your home or porch this year!

This project is ideal for those parents and teachers who are working to a tight budget, as you can find everything you need to make these novelty lights in your local dollar store.

Older kids will have a great time making these monstrous mummies, which are sure to come out year after year on Halloween.

Project #10: Cute Witch Tea lights

These super-cute witch tea lights make a stunning way of illuminating your Halloween party table and creating spooky shadows on your windowsills or mantelpiece.

You’ll find everything you need to make these decorations at your local dollar store. Best of all, the candles used for this project are safety candles, so young kids can join in too.

Project #11: Hanging Branch Centerpiece

Themed centerpieces look wonderful on your Halloween party table, but they can take up too much space, leaving less room for food. This spectacularly spooky hanging branch centerpiece solves that problem!

Creep-out your party guests with this stunning gnarled branch, featuring a colony of sleeping vampire bats and a cluster of scuttling spiders.

This project will keep older kids occupied for hours and makes the ideal way of whiling away a dull fall afternoon.

Project #12: Skeleton Bubble Bath

Even skeletons enjoy soaking their bones in a bubble bath every now and then!

You can find what you need to create this frightening floater at your local craft and dollar stores. This incredibly effective craft project is deceptively simple to put together, and older kids will love the challenge.

This skeleton bubble bath would be a wonderful centerpiece for your Halloween party table or makes a scary splash when tucked into a corner on your porch to scare away unwary trick or treaters!

Project #13: Pinecone Spiders

Transform your home into a haunted house with these creepy pinecone spiders!

Kick-off your Halloween preparations with a walk in your local park or a family day out to the forest to gather fallen pinecones for this simple crafting project.

Give the pinecones a good shake to dislodge any real spiders that might be living inside. When you get home, leave the cones to dry out for a few days, and then pop them into a plastic bag. Seal the bag, and put it into your freezer for 12 hours to kill off any bugs.

Once the cones have returned to room temperature, you can get creative!

You’ll need a few items from a craft store to complete this budget crafting project.

Project #14: Spooky Spider Nests

All you need to make these awesomely spooky spider nests are some balloons, white yarn, craft glue, and fake spiders that you’ll find in your local dollar store around Halloween season.

Older kids will love this project! The result is super-spookily effective, and they get to pop the balloons too – what’s not to like!

Hang the spider nests on your porch or in your windows, and remember to add lots of candles to create a totally creepy effect!

Project #15: Paper Cup Funny Frankenstein

If you want a fun Halloween crafting project that your kids can do, check out this paper cup funny Frankenstein, complete with a nose that glows in the dark!

Older kids will be able to tackle this project with minimum supervision, but you might need to be on hand to help younger crafters.

You’ll find everything you need for this charming, non-scary monster crafting project at good craft stores.

Project #16: Poke-A-Pumpkin Trick or Treat Board

Games are an essential part of any kids’ Halloween party, and this poke-a-pumpkin trick or treat board game is perfect!

All you need to create this masterpiece are some orange plastic cups, orange and green tissue paper from which to make the giant pumpkin, elastic bands, and a blackboard on which to mount your creation.

Fill the cups with sweets, seal them with paper, and then invite your party guests to pick a piece of the pumpkin to pop!

Project #17: Wooden Spoon Bats

This wooden spoon spooky bat crafting project is so much fun to do!

All you’ll need for this project are some wooden spoons, paint, black and grey card, and some craft glue. The bats make a great Halloween wall display for your home.

Alternatively, you could hang the wooden spoon bats out on your porch or have them fluttering from trees in your back yard to add a super-spooky Halloween touch.

Project #18: Paper Skeleton Hands

These creepy paper skeleton hands are incredibly easy to make, yet very effective to look at too!

All you need for this simple project is some stiff white paper and a pair of round-ended scissors. Take a piece of paper, and trace the outline of your hand onto it. Cut out the hand, and then pinch the paper at the knuckles to create a scary skeleton hand!

Project #19: Simple Stand-Alone Ghosts

If you’re looking for something spooky to add to your Halloween party décor or to use as a stunning centerpiece for your table, these stand-alone ghosts could be the perfect solution.

All you need to make these spooks are some balloons, old plastic bottles, muslin, and a few items from your local crafting shop.

Kids of all ages will have great fun creating these ghosties, which cost only a few dollars to put together.

Project #20: Personalized Paper Mummies

This is a super-easy Halloween crafting project that’s perfect for preschoolers, with a little help from mom and dad!

All you need to make these personalized paper mummies are some photos of your kids, their friends, and other family members, some black card, and white tape to create the mummies’ bandages.

Project #21: Hanging Paper Vampire Bats

Strings of these hanging paper vampire bats make a great decoration for your home at Halloween!

This is an easy project that’s cheap to put together and can be taken on by young kids too, with a helping hand from you.

Hang the bats across your windows or around your walls for a spooktacular display that’ll have trick or treaters quaking in their boots!

Project #22: Paint Splat Witch’s Cauldron

Here’s a brilliant craft project for the little witches in your household! This eerily enchanting paint splat witch’s cauldron adds a touch of glamor and bling to your Halloween party décor.

All you need to make this sparkling, bubbling pot is some card, colored paints, and spangles.

This project can be safely undertaken by younger kids too.

Project #23: Egg Carton Spider Craft

Here’s another super-simple Halloween crafting project that preschoolers and older kids alike will love to undertake!

To make these egg carton spiders, you’ll need a few old egg boxes, black paint, glitter, pipe cleaners, and some sets of creepy adhesive eyes that you’ll find in good crafting shops.

This project can get a little messy, so be sure to equip your junior sorcerers with aprons!

Project #24: Eyeball Soup

Sensory play is a wonderful medium for kids of all ages, but it’s especially valuable for teaching preschoolers and kindergarten children all about their senses.

To create the eyeball soup sensory experience, you’ll need a large container, ladles, spoons, plastic eyeballs (available from dollar stores around Halloween season), and water: lots and lots of water!

You can also use eyeball soup as a twist on the old favorite “Bobbing Apples” Halloween party game. Set this game up outside in your backyard and have plenty of dry towels on hand!

Project #25: Halloween Clay Pot Craft Ideas

This Halloween project makes the ideal occupation for older children on a murky fall day when they can’t play outside.

To make these clay pot crafts, all you need are some miniature terracotta pots and some paint. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they transform the pots into funny little creatures, especially for Halloween!

If you’re a teacher, you could use this project in an art class. These lovely Halloween pots make great holiday gifts for parents, as well as forming part of your classroom Halloween display.

Wrapping it up

The run-up to Halloween is a time of anticipation and excitement for kids of all ages.

If you’re planning on holding a Halloween party at your home or school this year, all the creative projects we’ve included for you in this listicle are just perfect for your kids to get stuck into!

Most of these creepy crafts can be added to a dastardly display on your porch or used to enhance your home Halloween décor scheme.

Everything you need for these projects can be found in your local crafting shop or in dollar stores in their seasonal range.

Happy Halloween!


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