12 Inspiring & Successful Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneurs

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Have you always dreamed of starting your own business?

Well, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, running a busy household and raising a family, you might think that you’ve no time left for anything as challenging as launching a commercial venture.

But we’ve tracked down these twelve successful stay-at-home mom entrepreneurs who’ve done just that!

So read on, and prepare to be inspired!

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Jakki Liberman

Bumkins Finer Baby Products

12 Inspiring & Successful Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneurs 2
Image via Bumkins.com

Jakki Liberman is a single mom of four kids, and she’s also a successful “mompreneur!”

Jakki began her venture into entrepreneurship with her ex-husband back in the late 1980s.

Jakki’s baby daughter had an adverse skin reaction to disposable diapers. So, after trying every available diaper on the market without success, Jakki developed a chemical-free, cloth diaper that was both functional and stylish. And Bumkins was born!

Years later, Jakki’s marriage ended in bankruptcy, and she became a single mom. Jakki worked hard to rescue her self-described “floundering company,” and, despite facing massive adversity, now has two successful businesses.

Bumkins is now partnered with global giants, including DC Comics and Disney.

Michele Welsh


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Image via Safetytat.com

The inspiration for SafetyTat came from the mom of three Michele Welsh’s personal experience.

Like many parents, Michele took her kids to a crowded amusement park. Fearful of losing her kids among hundreds of people, Michele used a marker pen to write her cell phone number on her children’s arms. If the children became separated from their parents, the phone numbers would provide a way of alerting Michele to her kids’ whereabouts.

Other parents saw the numbers and thought, “what a great idea!” and asked Michele where she’d got them from. And that’s where the idea for the business came from.

SafetyTat makes temporary tattoos, stickers, and labels, which include parents’ contact details and other relevant information such as medical alerts, allergies, etc.

Lisa Greenwald


12 Inspiring & Successful Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneurs 4
Image via Chewbeads.com

Lisa Greenwald founded her baby product company in 2009, right after the birth of her son.

Lisa quickly noticed that, like most babies, her child loved to put her jewelry into his mouth and munch on it! Lisa was fearful that the jewelry might contain harmful chemicals or could break and present a choking hazard to her curious infant. So, she set out to create her own range of baby-safe jewelry. And Chewbeads was born.

Chewbeads now creates rattles, bath toys, and teething rings, as well as chic and stylish jewelry, all of which are designed with curious, mouthing babies in mind.

Kwany Liu 

Bundle Organics

Kwany Liu came up with the idea for her business when she was pregnant with her first child.

Kwany wanted to find a way to help moms remain healthy throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Bundle Organics supplies organic juices and teas that are specifically formulated and made with pregnant and nursing moms in mind.

Barbara Edelstein


Barbara Edelstein is a proud mom. She’s also an eminent radiologist and a successful mompreneur!

Barbara takes her inspiration from her children. The idea for Partyology was born out of the busy mom’s planning and organizing celebrations and birthday parties for her children. The Partyology app takes the headache out of the party-planning process without compromising the professional result that every mom hopes to achieve.

Barbara says that, if she hadn’t been a mom, she would never have found the incentive to launch her company.

Julie Karlitz 


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Image via Twitter

Julie Karlitz is the mother of two daughters, and they are her motivation and inspiration. Julie’s daughters are involved in the process of designing the products that their mom’s company creates and sells.

Julie started her company, Strap-its, to solve the problem of unsightly bra straps ruining the look of teens’ tops and outfits. Julie’s company designs and produces a huge range of pretty, fashionable strap designs that can be interchanged, depending on the wearer’s desired look.

Erica Zidel 

Sitting Around

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Image via Twitter

Erica Zidel is a mom of one who launched her successful business in 2010 with co-founder, Ted Tieken.

Erica recognized the problem for parents of finding access to affordable childcare in their local area. To solve the problem, Erica hit on the idea of trading babysitting services with other moms and dads who lived close by.

The idea was a huge hit, and Erica’s business has gone from strength to strength, proving that your personal experience of parenthood and the challenges it throws up can be the inspiration for a successful business concept.

Lauren Thom 

Fleurty Girl

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Image via YouTube

Lauren Thom is a single mom of three, and she certainly had her hands full when she founded Fleurty Girl, a New Orleans-based retail business that sells clothing, home items, accessories, and more.

Her home town of New Orleans inspires Lauren’s product range. Everything offered by the business is designed and made by local New Orleanians. Now, the ambitious mompreneur’s shirts are worn right around the world by anyone who wants to take a piece of New Orleans nostalgia with them wherever they go.

Lisa Druxman 


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Image via Facebook

Lisa Druxman became both a mom and an entrepreneur in 2001.

Fitness fan Lisa was searching for a way of combining her love of her family with her desire to take care of herself. Lisa created an exercise routine for new moms, realizing how other new parents could benefit from working together to restore their health and well-being.

Lisa’s business now provides companionship, exercise, and support to tens of thousands of new moms right across the country.

The FIT4Mom brand has been featured on CNN, NBC’s Today Show, and Access Hollywood.

Susan Peterson

 Freshly Picked

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Image via FreshlyPicked.com

Utah-based Susan Peterson was a stay-at-home mom who came up with the idea of creating a range of well-designed baby shoes that were made to last.

Any mom of small kids will know that most baby shoes are generally not made using durable, long-lasting materials. That knowledge inspired Susan to launch, Freshly Picked, now a multi-million dollar company, specializing in making high-quality baby shoes.

Initially, Peterson made the shoes by hand using pieces of scrap leather. Eventually, the business expanded to make diaper bags and other products, and it’s now a super-popular, well-established, and successful brand.

Patricia Bright


12 Inspiring & Successful Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneurs 10
Image via YouTube

Patricia Bright is a mom and beauty vlogger who used her experience as a beauty and style expert on YouTube to found Y-Hair.

Anyone who regularly buys hair extensions will be familiar with the trials and tribulations of the purchasing process. Y-Hair takes the hassle and stress out of buying high-quality hair extensions.

Patricia launched her business just a few months after discovering that she was pregnant with her first child. Patricia says that expecting a baby was both scary and exhilarating too, and found having to provide for her child was the most inspirational event in her life and drove her on to succeed in her business venture.

Bita Doagoo

Detox Market (Canada)

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Image via Twitter

Bita Doagoo is a mother of two. She and her husband launched Detox Market when their son was 15 months old.

Detox Market was created to offer products that are made from clean, transparent ingredients. The product range has expanded to include skincare, wellness, body and bath, fragrance, and makeup.

Bita successfully combines being a hands-on mother with being an entrepreneur. She says that you don’t necessarily have to compartmentalize motherhood and running a business into separate things. Also, you mustn’t burn yourself out and lose sight of what’s most important to you – your kids!

Wrapping it up

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean that you can’t start a successful business from your home.

We hope that these twelve stay-at-home mom entrepreneurs have inspired you to follow your dreams. You never know, with application, hard work, and determination, you too could be the CEO of your very own dream business, as well as a proud mom first and foremost!

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