How To Keep a Baby Warm in a Stroller: 4 Helpful Tips

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Are you wondering how to keep a baby warm in a stroller? In the winter months, it can be particularly hard to keep your baby toasty, especially if you live in a cold climate. But taking walks is not only an excellent postpartum activity for mothers, it’s a great chance for your baby to develop their sense of sight and sound. Getting out with your baby is a wonderful bonding exercise – no matter the season.

Luckily, we have some suggestions on how to make sure your baby is comfortable and snug on the go!

How To Keep Baby Warm In Stroller

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4 Tips On How To Keep a Baby Warm In a Stroller

Begin With The Foundation

The cotton-footed onesie is a great choice for those who want their baby’s feet and legs to stay warm during the ride.

A type with two-way zippers is particularly convenient. Plus they’re made with breathable fabrics that will keep your child feeling comfortable.

Investing in a sheepskin liner is also a great way to add extra warmth to the stroller.

Layers Should Be Added

For every 5-10 degree reduction in temperature, add one layer. We recommend a simple quilted jacket with snaps.

Hats and gloves are also great at keeping in the heat, and for particularly cold weather, a snowsuit will be very effective at keeping your baby warm.

Use A Stroller Cover Or A Wearable Blanket

For the extra chilly days, the best way to stay warm is to add insulation. Give your baby his favorite blanket when they’re in the car seat or stroller, just make sure it fits snugly around the sides (without being too tight.)

Or invest in a stroller blanket that fits your specific stroller. These tend to be thicker and more of a sleeping bag style.

Keep The Stroller Inside

Keep your stroller inside until you’re ready to use it. It may seem self-explanatory but making sure your stroller is warm, to begin with, will minimize the amount of time your baby is exposed to the cold.

Warning Signs That Your Baby Is Extremely Cold

  • Your baby’s skin is cold to the touch
  • Your baby is shivering uncontrollably
  • Your baby is unresponsive to your touch or voice
  • Your baby’s lips are blue or purple in color
  • Your baby is breathing very fast
  • Your baby has a weak pulse
  • Your baby is lethargic or unresponsive

If you notice any of these signs, take your baby inside and warm them up gradually. Do not use hot water or a heating pad, as this can cause burns. Wrap them in a warm blanket and hold them close to your body to help transfer heat. You can also give your baby a warm bath, but make sure the water is not too hot. If your baby’s condition does not improve or if they start to show signs of hypothermia then seek medical attention.

How Can I Keep My Newborn Safe From The Cold?

  • Keep your baby away from people whose illnesses are known. Babies should not contract any infections, so if you see someone with a cold or other contagious diseases make sure that they don’t come near the little one in question.
  • Before feeding or contacting your baby, make sure you wash your hands.
  • Ensure that your baby’s toys and pacifiers are cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Everyone in your house should know how to cough or sneeze into tissue at all times.

What Is The Coldest Temperature For A Baby?

When the thermometer reads 20 degrees or lower, the temperature is too cold for a baby. If you must be outside in extreme temperatures, keep it to a minimum. You’ll also want to be mindful of the wind chill.

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