4 Most Useful Night Lights For Babies

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Bringing home your baby and settling into your nighttime routine is just one of the many joys and trials of being a parent. The goal will always be to have your baby sleep through the night, but it’ll suffice to say that such a plan will not happen easily. 

That’s where a night light comes in. Though you may think the night light is solely for your baby, the device is also helpful for parents. The tool will help you monitor your little one throughout the night and help you not bump into all the furniture when you come in for a late-night diaper change or feeding. 

We’ve compiled a list of various night lights for you to choose from for your baby. Read through the selections, and be sure to check out the FAQ and education sections for other aspects you should consider before purchasing a night light. 

Quick Summary: Best Night Light For Baby

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Table of Contents

Night Light Options For Your Baby

Star Night Light Projector

Star Night Light Projector Christmas, Baby Lights with 4 LED Bulbs 8 Light Color Changing with USB Cable 360 Degree Romantic Room Rotating Star Projector for Baby Kid Children Bedroom Decor
  • Sky Star Night Projector: Best Gifts For Christmas! Mounting on the wall or as lamp on the night table, bring the bedroom full of moon and star, it is good for your baby's peace and sweet...
  • Rotate with Multiple Color Option: Rotate silently, color option include warm white, blue, red, and green. Can select a single light or multiple at once.
  • Multifunctional: When you use it as a night light , you need to cover the acrylic shade, Removing the shade, the light can be used as a projector.

Night lights for your baby can be more than just a bedside bulb. Give your little one something to look at while they fall asleep as these projected night lights illuminate the entire ceiling above the crib. 

This round, star night projector illuminates a colorful galaxy of stars and the moon right above your baby’s head. The 5-inch sized base houses four LED bulbs that shine through the colorful dome. You can also use acrylic shade included with the device to cover the projection so the device can just be used as a solid-colored night light. 

This night light works with a USB cord or four AAA batteries that do not get included with the package. You should never use both power methods at the same time because this can damage the lights. 


  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Multiple color choices and projection scenes are available
  • Various options for power source make the device travel-friendly 


  • Bulbs are difficult to replace once they’ve died from the use
  • Light may be too bright for a small room 

VAVA Home Night Light

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This basic, soft white light device can be a great night light for your baby or toddler. 

The orb-like shape of this small, white light can sit comfortably in the charging dock on the bedside table or can be removed from the dock for babies to play with until they fall asleep. The device is made with toy-grade ABS and PC materials, so it is safe for your baby to handle. 

The device is used by touching different areas of the light. There are settings to increase or decrease the brightness of the 3-watt light, as well as a built-in 1-hour shutoff timer. 

The silicone handle and waterproof build also make this night light an excellent choice for camping trips or other adventures. The soft light is enough to illuminate an area but is not harsh enough to keep you or your baby awake through the night. 


  • 1-hour automatic shutoff timer is a great energy saver 
  • Light has customizable brightness that can be changed frequently
  • An attachable charging base is convenient, and a stable way to ensure the light does not topple over
  • The night light can be charged while on the go or taken out of the house for camping trips or other travels 


  • Soft white light is the only color option available for the light emitted
  • All-tap control settings can be difficult to use

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 1st Gen | Sleep Trainer, Time-to-Rise Alarm Clock, White Noise Soother for Nursery, Toddler & Kids Bedroom (Bluetooth only)
  • Note that new, updated 2nd Gen Wi-Fi version of this product is also available, with additional features.
  • Sound Machine. Includes soothing sounds like white noise, ocean, wind, birds and rain.
  • Night Light. Fun, bedside lamp with infinite custom color hues. Illuminate the crib and changing table to ease nighttime infant feedings.

This modern, feature-packed night light is a more advanced option for your baby or toddler. 

This cone-shaped night light includes a sound machine, a time-to-rise timer, and connection capabilities with your iPhone. That’s right; you can choose the light, sound, volume, and color of light all from an app on your phone. 

The device stands about four inches tall and uses one included Lithium-ion battery for power. 

Hatch Baby manufacturers said this device is designed to grow with your child. Newborns can use the dim, white light setting with white noise to comfort them through the night. 

As your child grows up, you can use the device to instill “time-to-rise” routines and more colorful light options. 


  • iPhone connection and controls enable a customizable experience
  • Lights can be dimmed, put on a timer or, change colors 
  • The device stays cool to the touch throughout the night


  • Expensive for what it is, but the device is sturdy enough to last several years
  • Bluetooth connection requires the iPhone to stay relatively close to the night light

Baby Soother Sound Machine and Portable Night Light

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This adorable, portable night light is a comforting choice of night light options to choose for your baby.

Relaxing music can be played for 30, 45, or 60-minute intervals from the belly of this precious teddy bear. There is a light projector on the bear’s stomach that illuminates the ceiling with the moon and stars in a soft glow. 

This budget-friendly option can sleep next to your little one in the crib or sit on the bedside table. There are more than 13 sounds to choose from, all housed within a safe-to-cuddle cloth bear. The lights are colorful, yet dim enough to ensure your little one will be able to sleep with the device close by. 

The device only weighs a little over one pound and is powered by three AA batteries included with the purchase. 


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Includes a sound machine that can help lull your baby to sleep 
  • A cuddly bear can bring comfort and is easy to travel with


  • Difficult to clean 
  • The device can come apart easily 

How To Choose The Best Night Light For Your Baby

Deciding which night light is going to be best for your baby is difficult to do before purchasing. There’s no way to really measure how well your baby is sleeping at night with different lighting options, so you have to go off of your own research and opinions as a parent. 

Though we can’t tell you exactly which night light will definitely be the best for you, we can tell you some of the features you should consider before making a decision. The type of light used, brightness of the light and the ever-growing list of supplemental features newer night lights include should all be considered. 

Below are a few questions to ask yourself while doing your baby’s night light shopping. 

Should I Use a White Light or Colorful Lights In My Baby’s Night Light? 

If given a choice, most kids will likely gravitate toward the colorful night lights projected on the ceiling or change colors through the night. While those features are great and are sure to keep your little one occupied for some time, specific colors can keep your little one awake. 

Though some may think it’s relaxing, blue light can act as a stimulant for your baby, keeping them awake or keeping them from getting as restful of sleep as they could. According to a Harvard study, blue light suppresses melatonin, affecting children’s sleep. Melatonin is a hormone made in the brain that helps regulate sleeping cycles and circadian rhythms. 

The disruption to sleeping cycles is the same reason why Harvard scientists and doctors suggest finding a way to limit blue light exposure every day. Blue light is most commonly seen in computers or any other screens, which is why everyone needs to limit screen time before bed. 

Some adults use glasses that block blue light when working on the computer or any other screen for long hours. Blue light has harmful effects on everyone, regardless of age, but those effects can be especially pronounced with your young children. 

Surprisingly, white lights also have notable blue wavelengths in their composition. This fact means that white lights can have the same effect as blue lights in disrupting your baby’s sleeping patterns. 

Instead of blue or white lights, opt for night lights that use a red or orange light as the primary source. Red and orange colors are known to soothe babies and promote relaxation naturally. It’s no coincidence that these colors are also seen in the sky most nights right before the sun sets and the night begins. 

Doctors have discovered that babies usually recognize red as the first color they see, sometimes while still in the womb. For that reason, red is a soothing color for babies and is the best choice of color to use for your baby’s night light. 

A dim, red glowing light should be just enough to illuminate your child’s room but not keep them awake through the night.

Should I Get a Night Light With a Timer? 

Several night lights that work off of batteries or a USB connection now include a timer feature that will shut off the night light at a particular time. There are both pros and cons to this feature, depending on you and your baby’s preferences. 

Having a night light with a timer means you hope your baby is asleep when the light shuts off. If not, the sudden darkness may scare them and keep them (and you) awake longer. 

However, the timer feature saves energy and batteries, which could prolong the life of your night light. 

Some night lights have specific timers where the light will last through the night but shut off in the morning. These “Ok-to-wake” lights help communicate with your toddler or young child that it is okay to get out of bed when the light turns off. This feature can help reaffirm bedtimes and sleeping schedules, which could help sleepy parents. 

Night lights with short-timers that leave the room dark may become annoying when diaper changes or feedings must happen in the middle of the night. Instead of being able to enter your baby’s room quietly under the glow of a night light, you’ll have to turn on a light or lamp to see your little one and get them situated. 

If you do opt for a night light with a timer, it’s probably better to find one that has the option of keeping the timer off. You can always employ the timer as your baby gets used to sleeping on their own, but even then, it should probably be a timer that can keep the light on until the early morning. 

Babies should not be disturbed by a dim light left on through the night. Plus, the light’s presence can help you as a parent in speedier diaper changes and more seamless feedings in the middle of the night. 

How Bright Should My Baby’s Night Light Be?

There’s a happy medium you’ll want to find for the brightness of your baby’s night light. Ideally, you want the light to be bright enough for you to see and quickly check on your little one, but you also want the light to be dim enough for your child to sleep peacefully. 

We know that light with a low color temperature will be better for promoting sleep, but how bright and how close should that might be to your baby’s crib? 

Most experts recommend using a light that is about 4-7 watts. The light should be shaded or diffused somehow, so it is not as brightly focused in one spot. 

To test the bulb’s brightness, you should set up the night light and lay down close to where you expect your baby to be sleeping. If you can close your eyes and still recognize the light while your eyes are closed, the light is too bright and can keep your baby awake. 

Baby’s eyes and brains are even more sensitive to light than adults, so any lights we perceive as bright will be too bright for a small child. Melatonin production can be significantly impacted by the color and brightness of a light, so it is essential to choose the right type of light. 

A low-wattage orange or red night light would help relax your baby and should promote a better night’s sleep for the both of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are night-lights a fire hazard?

A: Night lights are generally very safe to use, but caution should always be taken to ensure no accidents. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not leave any night lights plugged in and on for an excessive amount of time. Defective nightlights can cause a fire or other issues. 

Q: When should my baby start using a night light?

A: Some parents opt to use a night light from birth to help check on their little one throughout the night, but the light is not necessary for your child at this time. Children typically begin to fear the dark or have trouble sleeping around the age of 2, so a night light should start being used if you have not already started using one. 

Q: How much does a night light cost?

A: Night light costs can vary dramatically based on the additional features of the device. Basic, bedside night lights can usually be found for a little more than $10. Advanced night lights with temperature gauges, audio capabilities, and other features may be priced from $50 to $100 or more. 

Wrap Up

adorable baby girl with night light lamp

In short, you should find a night light that works well for you and your baby. 

If you think a sound machine could help relax your baby and soothe them to sleep, opt for an option that includes that feature. But if you’re worried the sounds might keep the baby awake or become problematic in the middle of the night, find a more simple night light with a beautiful projection on the ceiling or a glowing hue from the bedside table. 

Our top pick for the best nightlight for a baby is the VAVA Home Night Light because of its customizable brightness, portability, and the convenience of its charging base. Plus, its orb-like shape looks adorable in the nursery and is safe for children to handle, too.

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