5 Best Toddler Toilet Seats

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Identifying the best toddler toilet seat, as with anything having to do with babies and toddlers, is a special kind of difficulty.

While parents always want to find the best toilet training solutions for their toddlers, toddlers may not always be able to communicate what they want or need to make toilet training a success.

However, their cues can tell you what kind of toilet training setup they need—for now, at least! See below for my top five toddler seats based on most families’ experiences of their toddler’s concerns.

Quick Summary: Best Toddler Toilet Seat

BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer, White/Gray, 1 Count (Pack of 1)Best Overall Toddler Toilet Seat - BabyBjörn’s Toilet TrainerCheck on Amazon →
TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Elongated Toilet Seat, Adult/Child, w/Chromed Metal Hinges (Elongated White)Best Toddler Toilet Seat for Shared Toilets - Topseat’s TinyHiney Toilet SeatCheck on Amazon →
Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder for Boys and Girls Baby Toddler Kid Children Toilet Training Seat Chair with Handles Padded Seat Non-Slip Wide Step (Blue Green)Best Step Stool Toddler Toilet Seat - Mangohood’s Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool LadderCheck on Amazon →
Gimars Upgrade Folding 8 Large Non Slip Silicone Pads Travel Portable Reusable Toilet Potty Training Seat Covers Liners with Carry Bag for Babies, Toddlers and Kids, YellowBest Toddler Travel Toilet Seat - Gimars Portable Potty Training SeatCheck on Amazon →
Munchkin® Sturdy™ Potty Training Seat, GreenBest Adaptable Travel Toilet Seat - Munchkin Sturdy Potty SeatCheck on Amazon →

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Top Five Toddler Toilet Seats

Learn more about our top recommendations for best toddler toilet seats.

Best Overall Toddler Toilet Seat – BabyBjörn’s Toilet Trainer

BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer, White/Gray, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Comfortable and secure seating; ergonomic design helps your child sit correctly
  • Easy for the child to put on and remove on their own
  • The toilet trainer only needs to be adjusted once to fit your toilet seat

Even though there isn’t much extra about this toddler toilet set, this is my favorite.

It’s sturdy, easy to clean, and has a loop on the back so you can attach a hook to the side of your toilet. All but the youngest toddlers will be able to put on and remove the seat by themselves, and the splash guard helps protect from accidents.

BabyBjörn is a well-known, reliable baby product brand with many affordable, well-built products, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of materials or customer service, should you have issues. 

They also make an excellent step stool to go along with the toilet seat. My thought is that you’re going to need a step stool for your toddler to reach the sink so they can brush their teeth anyway!

This seat may be simple, and it doesn’t have many bells and whistles or pretty decorations. But I’ve discovered that toddlers would rather pick out water-resistant decals with their favorite designs and characters on their own!


  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Loop for easy hanging.
  • Can be put on or removed by toddler.
  • Splash guard.
  • Reliable brand.


  • Have to purchase a separate step stool for some toddlers.
  • A bit too bulky for travel.

Best Toddler Toilet Seat for Shared Toilets – Topseat’s TinyHiney Toilet Seat

TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Elongated Toilet Seat, Adult/Child, w/Chromed Metal Hinges (Elongated White)
  • Toddler ring does not pull off, absolutely safe and secure
  • Bumpers under toddler seat prevent fingers from getting pinched
  • Durable wood construction, hand sanded, flawless high gloss painted finish

Sometimes a shared bathroom requires a few compromises. If you need a toddler toilet seat that can be comfortably used by both adults and toddlers without any drama involving adding or removing a toddler toilet seat adapter (it happens!), then try Topseat’s TinyHiney Toilet Seat.  

To install it, you’ll have to remove your existing toilet seat and replace it with this one, but once you do so, it functions just like a regular toilet seat with an extra attached adapter. The underlying construction is of solid wood. 

Being built into an adult seat means the toddler adapter is super-secure, so you don’t have to worry about sliding or skidding. The toddler adapter has rubber feet on the bottom, so their fingers won’t get smooshed when they lower the seat. And cleaning this seat is about the same as cleaning a standard adult seat.

I do have two cautions here. First, there’s no splash guard, if pee going in all directions is a concern. Second, check whether your regular seat on the toilet is round or elongated, so you can be sure of ordering the correct one.


  • Very secure.
  • Doesn’t look like an obvious toddler toilet seat.
  • Adapts quickly and easily from adult to toddler use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy for a toddler to raise and lower seat.
  • No pinched fingers!


  • Have to remove the current toilet seat to install.
  • Not adaptable.
  • No splash guard!

Best Step Stool Toddler Toilet Seat – Mangohood’s Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder

Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder for Boys and Girls Baby Toddler Kid Children Toilet Training Seat Chair with Handles Padded Seat Non-Slip Wide Step (Blue Green)
  • ✅Universal Design - Fits standard height toilets which ranging in height from 14" to 16.5" from floor to toilet bowl seat. Does NOT fit high toilets which over 16.5" high, such as Comfort...
  • ✅Safe and Comfortable - Our potty trainer is made of high quality PP,can hold 75kg(165lb) mostly,sturdy enough when your toddler climbs up/down. padding on the potty seat makes it...
  • ✅Adjustable Footrest - Our potty training seat is suitable for 1-8 years old,as the footrest is adjustable(2 choice of height) so you can continue to use it when kids grow up

If your toddler needs steps to help them climb to the top of their throne (and they’re not comfortable using a step stool), then your best bet is Mangohood’s step stool training seat. It’s sturdy, adjusts to different heights of the toilet seat, and is probably most likely to help your toddler feel secure on an adult toilet because of its large attached handles, which make it easy for your toddler to turn around after they’ve climbed the step.

The Mangohood wasn’t as easy to put into place for toddlers as the BabyBjörn, and it did require more effort to clean (it’s bigger and has a few extra crevices in the construction). Still, for toddlers that were more insecure about getting up on the toilet by themselves, it works like a charm.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Hand grips (for easier turning around).
  • Rubber non-skid pads on the feet.
  • Easily removable and foldable.


  • Bulky and harder for toddlers to move.
  • More cleaning required.

Best Toddler Travel Toilet Seat – Gimars Portable Potty Training Seat

Gimars Upgrade Folding 8 Large Non Slip Silicone Pads Travel Portable Reusable Toilet Potty Training Seat Covers Liners with Carry Bag for Babies, Toddlers and Kids, Yellow
  • Upgrade Version 6 pcs Large Nonslip Silicone Pads - Increasing 6 pcs Non Slip padding, not other suppliers’2 pcs and contact area of friction between the toilet cover and potty training...
  • No Gap to Pinch - Enhance the tightness of joint, more firmly, no gap design solve the problem of pinches bottom. Fits Most standard toilet, helps babies learn how to use toilet bowl in...
  • Freely switch Foldable To Unfoldable Design - Toilet Seat cover Folds up pretty small size of 7''L x 6''W x 2''H to bring to public restrooms easily and perfect for your children's...

Every family has to head out on the road from time to time, and the Gimars portable toddler training seat was my favorite for portability. It folds flat and is small enough to go into a carry-on bag on an airplane. While not being as sturdy as a regular toddler toilet seat, it’s still substantial, with non-skid silicone pads on the bottom. It cleans easily, too, with toilet paper or a disposable wipe, so you don’t have to worry about funny smells while you’re traveling.


  • Small enough to fit in a carry-on bag.
  • Sturdy and secure compared to other travel toilet training seats.
  • Non-skid silicone pads.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Cute owl design.


  • Not as comfortable or secure as a regular toilet training seat.

Best Adaptable Travel Toilet Seat – Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

Munchkin® Sturdy™ Potty Training Seat, Green
  • Portable toddler potty seat, perfect for potty training boys and girls
  • Contoured to hold child securely in place.Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean
  • Nonskid edge ensures that seat doesn't move

Sometimes you need a toddler toilet training seat that does everything. It may not be the best at every task, but it can adapt to any job that it needs to.

That seat is the Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat. It’s not as stable as the BabyBjörn, but it’s still solid. It has handle grips on the side for insecure toddlers. It’s easy to put in and remove, with non-skid strips on the bottom to keep the seat from slipping. It’s not as small as the Gimars Portable Seat, but you can put it in a tote bag and take it with you if you have to. 

And it is not only easy to clean, but you can add an Arm & Hammer Nursery Freshener to the pocket in the back for extra smell protection. 

The Munchkin is super-cheap, too. If I were on a tight budget, I’d give it a try.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Adaptable for home and travel.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Air freshener pocket.
  • Makes a great backup toilet training seat (for grandkids!).


  • Because it’s adaptable for everything, it isn’t the best at any one category. 

What to Consider When Buying a Toddler Toilet Seat

Toilet training a toddler is always a challenge. Keep in mind that the most important person in the toilet-training process is your toddler!

Infants and early toddlers may not understand that the uncomfortable urge to pee or poop is connected to the act of peeing and pooping. They will only know that they are uncomfortable. Also, early toddlers may not be physically able to control their bladders and bowels.

Don’t start toilet training until your toddler is mentally aware of the need to pee and poop, and definitely don’t start training before your toddler can physically control whether or not they pee and poop. You don’t want to frustrate your toddler by trying to make them perform tasks that they can’t understand or control!

General Toilet-Training Tips

  • Don’t press for toilet training before your toddler is ready (usually about 18 to 24 months).
  • When toddlers can stay dry for two hours or more, they have enough physical control to begin toilet-training.
  • Toddlers are easily distracted. You may want to put off toilet training if you’re planning significant changes, like a sibling’s birth or moving to a new house.
  • Don’t try to toilet train while your toddler is sick.
  • Be prepared for your toddler to have accidents!

Potty Chair vs. Toddler Toilet Seat

Whether you choose to use a toddler toilet seat or potty chair will depend on you and your toddler. Both options are great for toddlers but have some pluses and minuses.

Ease of Use

To use a toddler toilet seat, your child will have to climb up a step stool to reach the seat. Your toddler may also find that a potty chair is more stable.

Peeing While Standing Up

Some experts recommend boys learn to pee sitting down (it’s one less thing to worry about), but others say to let your boy decide for himself (click here for some excellent tips on toilet training boys). 

At any rate, a boy toddler who wants to pee standing up should probably start with a potty chair! Trying to balance on a stool is one more distraction for a toddler to overcome.


Cleaning a potty chair is pretty disgusting, while a toilet training seat doesn’t need to be emptied all the time (not that your toddler will remember to flush!).

Good Pooping Positioning

Potty chairs may be easier for your toddler to use. The Mayo Clinic recommends that your toddler’s feet should be resting on a flat surface to make sure their bodies are in the correct position for good pooping (especially while constipated—click here for an excellent guide on helping your child poop!). However, when you are using a toddler toilet seat, you can put children’s feet in the correct position using a stool or step.

Halfway between a Potty Chair and a Toddler Toilet Seat

If your toddler wants to use a grown-up potty but feels insecure (some toddlers are afraid of falling into the toilet), consider getting a toddler toilet seat with a removable potty seat, so your toddler won’t be able to see the open toilet below.

Changing Strategies

You may also want to consider changing strategies with your toddler as they get older. Your toddler may do better starting on a standalone potty, but later become interested in using a toddler toilet seat so they can pee and poop just like an adult.

Features to Look For in a Good Toddler Toilet Seat

If you’ve decided to go with a toddler toilet seat, there are several features you should look for:


Many toddlers are already nervous about toilet training. An unstable toilet seat can only increase their nervousness! Look for a sturdy product that will attach securely to a toilet using either a rubber or non-slip seal, suction cups, or another attachment method.

Any stairs or stools used with a toddler toilet seat should also be sturdy and non-slip!


Some toddler training seats are molded to help guide your toddler’s positioning, which some toddlers find reassuring and others find uncomfortable. Other seats have to cushion. Let your toddler be your guide!

Splash Guards

Both boys and girls can have trouble controlling their urine stream, although the problem does tend to be more prevalent with boys. A seat with a splash guard at the front can help with a lot of cleanups early on.


Even though you probably won’t have to clean a toddler training seat as often as a potty chair, you’ll still be cleaning it—a lot! Make sure the seat will be easy to clean.

Ease of Use

While the most critical person using a toddler training seat is your toddler, you should also consider how easy it will be for you to use it! Will you set up the toddler in their own bathroom, or will you be able to quickly and easily remove the toddler seat for adult use?

Travel Plans

While most of your toddler’s toilet training will be at home or daycare, you will also need to make plans for a toilet seat to take on the go. Toddlers often have very little control over their bladders, so plan for any trip that takes longer than an hour to require a pee break. 

While there are many good folding toddler toilet seat options, please make sure that it is sturdy, and plan for toddler pee and poop breaks on the go to take even longer than they do at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out more commonly asked questions.

How will I know my toddler is ready for toilet training?

Wait for signs of the following:

  • Understanding the need to pee or poop is connected to peeing or pooping.
  • The ability to keep a dry diaper for 2 hours or more.
  • Interest in potty training.

My toddler was using their toddler training seat, but suddenly they stopped. What went wrong?

Every toddler has good days and bad days! Ensure that they feel secure on their toddler training seat and don’t feel rushed or pushed to use it (although you should hurry if they tell you it’s time to go!). Also, be patient if your household is going through any changes or stress; toddlers will get distracted by any sort of disruption.

My toddler stays dry during the day but is always wet during the night. What can I do?

First, make sure that your toddler doesn’t show any fear or discomfort at using their toilet training seat at night. Are they scared of the dark? Can they turn on the bathroom lights? Do they feel too alone to use the toilet at night?

Second, be patient with your toddler. It’s normal for nighttime control to be a little less secure than in the daytime, especially if there are any changes or stress in your household, or if they’re having nightmares. Try to help your toddler feel more secure, and be patient!

Final Thoughts

toddler toilet seat

Learning how to pee as a toddler isn’t an easy process. It’s important to remove as many distractions as possible and make sure your toddler feels secure. Your top priority is using the type of toilet training seat that your toddler feels most secure with — but also keep in mind ease of use, adaptability to your family, and how easy it is to clean!

If you’re not sure where to start with a toddler toilet training seat, I recommend the BabyBjörn along with a step stool. The BabyBjörn is durable, cleanable, can be tucked out of sight easily, and is easy to use by toddlers, allowing them to feel safe and in control of the toilet training process.

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