50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With R: Timeless Classics Reimagined

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As a mom-to-be, choosing your bundle of joy’s name is an exciting journey! Let’s dive into divine inspiration with our list of 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with R. Trust me, you’re about to uncover some real, radiant gems!

Notable People With Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With R

There’s no denying how powerful a name can be, just take a look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg – a prominent Supreme Court Justice whose name, ‘Ruth’, is a classic biblical choice. Or consider the accomplished actress Rachel McAdams, taking her name ‘Rachel’ straight from biblical roots.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RachelRachelle, Rachael, RaquelEwe, Sheep
RuthRuthie, Ruthanne, RutaFriend, Companion
RebeccaReba, Rebekah, BeckyTo Bind, To Tie
RahabRachav, RahebBroad, Large
RheaRia, Rheia, RhayaFlowing Stream
ReinaRaina, Rayna, RanaQueen
ReginaRegine, Régine, ReinaQueen
RamonaMona, Romona, RomaineProtector, Wise Defender
RhodaRhodie, Rhody, RodeRose
ReemaRima, Ryma, RheemaWhite Antelope
RhondaRhondda, Ronda, RhondieGood Spear
RainaRayna, Reana, ReinaQueen
RafaellaRaphaela, Rafela, RaffaellaGod has healed
RomildaRomilde, Romilde, RomaldaGlorious Battle Maiden
RenataRenate, Renee, RenitaReborn
RitaRitika, Ritva, RitsaPearl
RazielaRaziella, Razelle, RazielGod is my secret
RosalindRosa, Rosalinda, RosalindeBeautiful Rose
RobertaBobbie, Bobby, RoFamous, Bright
RosannaRoseanne, Rosanne, RoseannGraceful Rose
RosalynRosalynne, Rosalin, RoselynRose, Beautiful
RosamundRosamond, Rosamunde, RosamundaRose of the World
RosaliaRosalie, Rosalea, RozaliaRose
RosarioRosaria, Rosarie, RosaRosary
RosemaryRosemarie, Rosemaree, RomyDew of the Sea, Rosemary Herb
RoxanneRoxane, Roxana, RoxyDawn, Bright
RubinaRubena, Rubinia, RubynaRed Gem, Ruby
RudolphaRudolfine, Rudolpha, RudelleFamous Wolf
RambhaRambhaa, RambaPleasing
RavennaRavinia, Ravena, RovenaLively
ReanneRheanne, Reeanne, ReanneGracious, Merciful
RebeckaRebeka, Rebekeh, RebekkaTo tie, To bind
ReginaeReginee, Reginey, RegynaQueen
ReishaRaisha, Reesha, RayshaFeather, Wing
RenishaRanisha, Renesha, RanishaBorn Again
ReshmaRishma, Reshama, ReshemahSilk
ReynaRayna, Reina, RaenaQueen
RhianneRianne, Rianna, RyannGreat Queen, Goddess
RhiannonRhianna, Rheannon, RiannaGreat Queen, Goddess
RickiRicky, Rikki, RickeyBrave Ruler
RiddhiRidhi, Rhiddi, RiddiProsperity, Wealth
RiyaRhea, Ria, RieSinger
RobynRobin, Robbin, RobineBright Fame
RoshniRoshnee, Roshny, RoshneyLight, Brightness
RowenaRowenna, Rowana, RohanaWhite Spear, Fame
RoxanaRoxane, Roxanna, RoxianeDawn, Bright
RueRu, Rew, RuwRegret
RyleeRiley, Rylie, RileeCourageous, Valiant

Thank you for journeying with us through this list of 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with R. We trust you found some divine inspiration! Remember, the name you choose for your little girl is the first gift you’ll ever give her, so make it count. We invite you to continue this beautiful journey by exploring more baby name ideas on our site.

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