5 Best Toothbrush For Toddlers

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As a parent, there’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing your child smile. Proper oral hygiene keeps your little one’s teeth and gums healthy and maintains that gorgeous grin. The right toothbrush is critical. This guide highlights the best toothbrush for toddlers.

Quick Summary: Best Toothbrush For Toddlers

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Jordan* ® | Step 1 Baby Toothbrush | 0-2 Years, Soft Bristles, BPA Free | 4 PackJordan Step 1Check on Amazon →
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Top 5 Picks for Toddler-Friendly Toothbrushes

The right toothbrush ensures a thorough clean. Here are five toddler-appropriate options that will get the job done.

Jordan Step 1

Jordan* ® | Step 1 Baby Toothbrush | 0-2 Years, Soft Bristles, BPA Free | 4 Pack
  • MADE FOR YOUR BABY - Jordan* is the original brand of this infant toothbrush designed with extra soft bristles, a soft biting ring for babies gums, and a handle that suits adults and babies
  • TAILOR MADE - Step 1 toddler toothbrush step 1 toothbrush is tailor-made to make the first brushing experience a good one. The short neck and it`s unique teeth ring prevent to swallow or...
  • CREATE DENTAL ROUTINES - Make this the first step in establishing healthy and happy dental care routines for your baby. Baby toothbrush 12 months and up with chewing grip to stimulate...

If you’re looking for your child’s first toothbrush, the Jordan Step 1 is an obvious choice. This toothbrush is intended for kids up to two years of age and stands apart from the competition with its easy-grip handle, which is rounded and has a doughnut-like hole in the middle. This is a soft biting ring that your infant can use for teething until they get older and graduate to brushing.

The brush itself has extra-soft bristles, which feature a toothpaste indicator to ensure that you don’t give your little one more than you should. The grip comes in fun colors, including green, below, pink, and yellow. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this toothbrush has won a red dot award for its innovative design.

What we like:

  • A BPA-free comfortable grip that is great for teething and then later serves as a toothbrush grip for older kids
  • A fun yet functional design that comes in a four-pack of different colors
  • Toothpaste indicator to ensure that you don’t use more than the child-safe amount

What we don’t like:

  • This brush isn’t meant for long-term use (there’s a reason you get it in packs of four)

Colgate “My First” Baby and Toddler Toothbrush

Colgate My First Baby and Toddler Toothbrush, Extra Soft - 6 pack
  • Fun way to encourage good oral care habits early on
  • Extra soft bristles for effective and gentle cleaning
  • Small toothbrush head for child's little mouth

The Colgate “My First” Baby and Toddler Toothbrush is an obvious choice and deserves mention on any “best toothbrush for toddlers” list thanks to name recognition alone. Colgate is a respected brand, and the American Dental Association frequently endorses its products, so you can be confident in the quality. This toothbrush doesn’t disappoint as it features ultra-soft bristles for an adequate yet gentle clean.

The no-slip handle has a curved shape and extra grips to prevent slippage while in use. The small toothbrush head is specially fitted for a child’s smaller mouth. These brushes also come in different colors, so you can find one that your kid likes and is excited to use.

What we like:

  • Different colors to choose from so every kid can find a hue they like
  • Smaller brush head designed to fit a child’s mouth
  • An easy-grip handle prevents slippage while in use

What we don’t like:

  • No extras like a stand or holder are included
  • No timing mechanism is offered

Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care Set

Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care Set System (Colors May Vary)
  • Stage 1: Extra soft silicone massager and gum cleaner for delicate newborn gums
  • Stage 2: Soft gum massager for older gums and newly erupted teeth
  • Stage 3: Massages and helps clean gums and teeth during the teething process

The Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care set is another brush that can be used just as effectively for newborns as toddlers, making it the perfect transition brush for your child. The soft silicone massager and gum cleaner are great for babies, and the soft nylon bristles are ideal for cleaning your toddler’s small teeth. This brush is BPA-free and comes in a variety of colors.

The unique Nuby brush holder keeps the brush secure, and the hourglass silhouette of the handle makes it easy to hang on to. Also, the brush is suitable for kids up to six years of age, so you can count on this being a worthy investment.

What we like:

  • BPA-free
  • Child-friendly handle with an hourglass shape for a secure grip
  • Massage function for gums as well as toothbrush function

What we don’t like:

  • Toothbrush bristles may come out with overuse
  • Can’t choose colors in advance depending on where you order from

Brush Baby BabySonic Infant and Toddler Electric Toothbrush

brush-baby BabySonic Infant and Toddler Electric Toothbrush for Ages 0-3 Years - Smart LED Timer and Gentle Vibration Provide a Fun Brushing Experience - Includes 2 Sensitive Brush Heads (Teal)
  • ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE: Turn the fight to brush to a want to brush with our fun light up brush head that will not only entertain your little one but also help you see inside the mouth.
  • GENTLE & EFFECTIVE CLEANING: The gentle sonic vibrations soothe sore gums and new baby teeth while the BPA free ultra-soft brush bristles, designed for small mouths, reduces plaque buildup...
  • FORM GOOD HABITS: The small grip and simple ON/OFF button make it possible for your little one to eventually brush on their own while the smart 2 min LED light timer with 30 sec pulse...

Electric toothbrushes are beneficial because of the automatic bristle action, which allows for more concentrated, faster scrubbing. One of the best electric toothbrushes for toddlers is the Brush Baby BabySonic, which comes with a timer so you can be sure your child is brushing for the recommended two-minute minimum. The brush pulses every 30 seconds, letting little ones know it’s time to switch the brush to a new quadrant of the mouth.

The grip of this brush is extra wide, making it easy for small hands to grab, and the brush has a suction base so you can easily store it on the bathroom counter without worrying it will fall over. Additionally, the handle comes in different colors to appear to kids, including teal, pink, and blue. The brush head is illuminated by an LED light, making for a fun experience for kids.

What we like:

  • The brush doesn’t require electric charging and is safely powered by AAA batteries
  • The extra-large on-off button is easy for small kids to maneuver
  • Replaceable brush heads promote good hygiene

What we don’t like:

  • Intended only for kids up to three years of age, after which you’d have to invest in a new electric brush
  • Brush heads may break apart if not replaced regularly

Brusheez Electric Kids Toothbrush Set

Brusheez® Kids’ Electric Toothbrush Set - Safe & Effective for Ages 3+ - Parent Tested & Approved with Gentle Bristles, 2 Brush Heads, Rinse Cup, 2-Minute Timer, & Storage Base (Prancy The Pony)
  • YOUR KIDS NEW FAVORITE TOOTHBRUSH: Make brushing fun with this cute and colorful, animal-themed electric toothbrush for kids that’s designed for brushers ages 3+ to promote healthy oral...
  • EFFECTIVE AT REMOVING PLAQUE: Soft, high-quality bristles provide gentle vibration that removes 2x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Plus, each Brusheez toothbrush comes with a...
  • CERTIFIED KIDS SAFE: Our Brusheez kids electric toothbrush is a Parent Tested, Parent Approved award winner, completely BPA-free, and is certified safe for kids!

If your child isn’t a fan of brushing their teeth, the playful and fun Brusheez Electric Kids Toothbrush Set might change their mind. Kids can choose from many different character themes, including Pepper the Dino, Jovie the Giraffe, Sparkle the Unicorn, Ollie the Elephant, and more. Each whimsical character is bright and colorful, enticing little ones to brush. 

The full set comes with not only a toothbrush but also a small plastic cup for rinsing and an old-fashioned timer to make sure kids brush for long enough. The brush itself features a large, easy-to-grasp handle with big buttons that little fingers won’t have trouble using. The stand that the set comes in can be sat on the countertop or mounted on the wall for added stability.

What we like:

  • BPA-free and certified kid-safe
  • Comes with a five-year certified warranty
  • Many different animal characters to choose from so every kid can find one they love

What we don’t like:

  • If you leave this on the counter, it might slip because there’s no suction bottom. Best mounted on the wall
  • The old-fashioned sand timer might be boring for kids and fail to engage them for the full two-minute minimum required to brush their teeth effectively

Toothbrushes for Toddlers 101

Regular brushing and flossing is an essential part of any child’s oral healthcare. It’s recommended to brush kids’ teeth twice per day, once in the mornings and once in the evenings before bed. But why is this so important? Read on to find out.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene for Kids

Tooth brushing removes bits of food that attract cavity-causing bacteria as well as plaque, a sticky buildup on teeth that can harden and turn into tartar if not removed. Tartar leads to gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. Untreated gum disease has serious health repercussions and is even linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

More immediately, oral health issues like cavities or gum disease can result in dental problems like tooth loss. Although these are “just” baby teeth, not your child’s permanent adult teeth, premature tooth loss caused by untreated decay can cause adult teeth to grow crookedly. The misalignment can cause problems eating and talking, and will require costly orthodontics to fix.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in five kids aged 5 to 11 have at least one tooth that is decayed. Don’t let your child become one of these statistics. Adhere to a stringent oral hygiene routine using the right tools.

Why Your Toddler Needs a Special Toothbrush

An adult toothbrush isn’t appropriate for children due to a few reasons. For one thing, kids’ mouths are smaller than adults’. The head of an adult toothbrush will thus be too large to accommodate a child comfortably.

Adult toothbrushes are also challenging for kids who are still mastering basic fine motor skills to handle. Small hands do better with fatter grips that they can easily latch on to. Toddler-friendly toothbrushes also have shorter grips, which are easier for kids to maneuver throughout the brushing process.

Finally, adult toothbrushes tend to have various bristle hardness options, from soft to medium to hard. Children’s teeth only require soft bristles. If the bristles are too hard, they may damage the protective enamel that coats the teeth and prevents cavities.

With the best toothbrush for toddlers, you can be sure that you are providing your child with a safe and effective tool to clean their teeth. This is an investment in their smile for the long-term.

What to Look For in a Toothbrush for Toddlers

Children’s toothbrushes should be smaller to accommodate small hands and have enhanced grip design (like easy-grab ridges) to accommodate kids’ still-developing fine motor skills. Look for soft-bristle brushes, which won’t damage delicate gum tissues with excessive friction.

Another pro tip for parents is to find a toothbrush in a vibrant hue or featuring a cartoon character or superhero that your little one loves. This makes brushing more exciting and will motivate your child to perform the self-care task happily. You are thus instilling healthy habits that can last your child a lifetime.

Finally, look for the American Dental Association seal of approval on all products you buy for your little one’s oral healthcare. You can be sure that these are safe for children. The ADA even has a shopping list for kid-friendly dental care products you can refer to.

How to Use a Toothbrush for Toddlers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents perform toothbrushing until kids are two years of age. As of age two, you can start teaching your little one how to brush their teeth, using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. At about age six, your child should be ready to brush their teeth on their own.

Make sure they are brushing for at least two minutes. This is the amount of time needed to reach each part of the mouth (top and bottom, right and left). These handy and fun animated videos are each two minutes long and can be used as an engaging timer to ensure kids don’t get bored while brushing.

Even if you’ve got the best toothbrush for toddlers, technique matters. Make sure to brush the fronts and backs of teeth as well as the chewing surfaces. This is especially important in the molars at the back of the mouth, predominantly used for chewing.

Brush away from the gum line to avoid damaging these delicate tissues. Move the brush gently in small circular motions across the tooth’s surface. Afterward, have your child rinse their mouth out thoroughly with water to remove the remaining toothbrush and debris.

This video teaches parents how to brush their child’s teeth (ages six months to seven years).

Frequently Asked Questions About Toddler Toothbrushing

Now you know which toddler toothbrushes are best and how to put them to use. Most parents still have a few lingering questions about their little one’s dental hygiene kit, however. Here are answers to the most common queries.

How often should you replace a toddler toothbrush?

According to the American Dental Association, you should replace your toddler’s toothbrush every three to four months. You should replace the brush sooner if the bristles are frayed.

How should you choose a toddler toothbrush?

Make sure the brush is specifically for kids, has an easy-grip, and soft bristles. Beyond that, letting your kid pick the brush based on a color or character they like is a great idea! It will make kids more excited about brushing.

Can toddlers use an electric toothbrush?

Yes, as the list above clarifies, there are many great electric toothbrushes for kids on the market. Just make sure the electric toothbrush is specific to kids and check the recommended age range for the brush’s use.

The Bottom Line: The Best Toothbrush for Your Toddler

toddlers brushing their teeth together

When deciding on the best toothbrush for your toddler, there are many factors to consider. Even seemingly “minor” details like the brush’s color are essential. If kids have a brush they love, they will be more likely to use it, and this instills good oral hygiene habits in your little one to carry over into their adult life.

That said, if you have to choose just one toothbrush for your toddler, the winner in this roundup is the Colgate “My First” Baby and Toddler Toothbrush. This brush has everything you need in a kids’ toothbrush, including an easy-grip handle, ultra-soft bristles, and an array of colors to choose from.

While it may not have the “extras” like a toothbrush holder or timer, it serves the intended purpose — plus, it’s from a respected brand that you can rely on. Colgate is renowned in the dental care world and is even frequently promoted by the American Dental Association.

Click here to purchase your kid’s Colgate “My First” Baby and Toddler Toothbrush.

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