50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with S That Resonate Beauty and Charm

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Excited about your baby girl but still unsure about her name? How about exploring the allure of Australia? Our list of “50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with S” presents a delightful collection of names, each with its own special narrative and charm.

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Beloved Aussie actress, Isla Fisher, named her daughter Elula, an enchanting name beginning with ‘S’ in Hebrew. Australia’s energetic music scene gave us singer Sia, whose name radiates strength and vibrancy. Australian actress Sharni Vinson’s dynamic name commands attention and resonates power.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SabellaIsabella, BellaGod’s promise
SabrinaBrina, SabiFrom the River Severn
SallySal, SaraPrincess
SamanthaSam, SammieListener
SanciaSanzia, SancyHoly
SandraSandi, SondraDefender of man
SapphireSaffie, SapphiraBlue gemstone
SaraSarah, SaraiPrincess
SaschaSasha, SaeshaDefender of man
SaxonSaxony, SaxenOne who wields a knife
ScarlettScarlet, ScarRed
SelenaCelena, SeleniaMoon
SeraphinaSera, PhinaFiery-winged
ShaliaShayla, ShailaFrom the palace
ShanaShanna, ShaunaBeautiful
ShaniceShannice, ShaneesGod is gracious
SharonSharona, SharynA plain
ShaunaShawnna, ShanaGod is gracious
ShelbyShelbi, ShelbieA place of willows
SherriSherry, SherieDarling
ShilohShylo, ShiloHis gift
ShonaSeona, ShaunaGod is gracious
SiennaSiena, SiennahOrange-red
SierraSiara, CieraMountain
SimoneSimona, SimonneOne who hears
SineadSinéad, ShinadeGod’s gracious gift
SiobhanShivon, ShavonGod is gracious
SkyeSky, SkieReferring to the Isle of Skye
SofiaSophia, ZsofiaWisdom
SolaraSolaria, SolariOf the sun
SoniaSonya, SonjaWisdom
SorayaSorayah, SurayaPrincess
StaciaStacee, StaciResurrection
StellaEstella, StellinaStar
StephaniaStefania, StephanaCrown
SummerSommer, SumerThe warmest season
SusanSusanna, SusieLily
SybilSibyl, SibyllaProphetess
SydneyCydney, SidneeWide island
SylvieSilvie, SilviaFrom the forest
SymphonySymphoni, SymphonieHarmonious sound
SynthiaCyndi, CynthiaFrom Mount Kynthos
SkylaSkylah, SkylarScholar
SerenitySerenitie, SerenitiPeace and calm
SariSariyah, SariaNoblewoman
SibellaSibelle, SibelSeer, Oracle
ShylaShylah, ShilaDaughter of the mountain

We want to thank you for joining us on this delightful journey through Australian baby girl names beginning with S. We hope our list has sparked your imagination and helped you get closer to finding that perfect name. Remember, there’s a world of distinctive, meaningful names waiting for you on our website. Continue exploring, and enjoy the extraordinary journey of motherhood!

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