Discover 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with S for Your Little Champ

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Choosing your baby’s name is like opening the first page of his life’s book. Our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with S is here to help you narrate an enchanting first chapter!

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with S

From the world of sports, we have Shane Warne, the legendary Australian cricketer whose mastery with the ball charmed millions. In the realm of cinema, we celebrate Simon Baker, the charismatic actor known for his role in the hit American TV series, ‘The Mentalist’. These influential figures epitomize the charm of Australian names starting with S.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SamuelSam, SammyAsked of God
2. SebastianSeb, SebyVenerable or revered
3. StevenSteve, StevieCrown or garland
4. ScottScotFrom Scotland
5. SeanShaun, ShawnGod is gracious
6. StewartStuartSteward
7. SonnySunnySon, young boy
8. SkyeSkyReferring to the sky
9. StanleyStanNear the stony meadow
10. SheldonShellyFrom the hill on the ledge
11. SergiusSerge, SergioServant
12. SelwynSel, SelvinFriend in the castle
13. SheaShae, ShayAdmirable
14. SinclairClair, SinclairePray or sanctuary
15. SlaterSlatyr, SlayterSlat maker
16. SpencerSpenceAdministrator of provision
17. SloanSloaneRaider
18. SullivanSully, VanDark eyes
19. SydneySyd, SidWide Island
20. SuttonSutonSouth settlement
21. SaxonSax, SaxxonSwordsman
22. SaulSaule, SolAsked for a prayer
23. SanderSanders, SandorDefender of mankind
24. SimeonSim, SimonOne who hears
25. SorrelSorley, SorelReddish brown
26. SterlingStirling, StarlingLittle star
27. StellanStell, StellonCalm
28. SvenSvend, SvensonBoy
29. SmithSmyth, SmytheTradesman
30. SheldonShelly, SheldenFrom the hill on the ledge
31. SumnerSummers, SumnorSummoner
32. SigurdSig, SiggyGuardian
33. SigmundSiggy, SigmonVictorious protector
34. SilasSi, SylasFrom the forest
35. SinclairSinclaire, ClairBright, clear
36. SocratesSoc, SockyWise
37. SolSole, SolanPeace
38. SomersetSomers, SommersFrom the summer settlers
39. SonnySunny, SonnieSon
40. SpencerSpence, SpenserKeeper of provisions
41. SpiroSpyro, SpeeroSpirit
42. SpringSpringer, SpringsSeason
43. StaffordStaff, StaffordFrom the landing place ford
44. StanislausStanley, StanFame, glory
45. StantonStan, StanlyFrom the stony town
46. StarkStarke, StarksStrong
47. StedmanStead, StedFrom the farmstead
48. StevensonSteve, StevySon of Steven
49. StirlingSterling, StirlFrom the noisy place
50. StoneStony, StonerFrom the stony ground

We hope you’ve enjoyed navigating through our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with S. As you journey towards finding that perfect name for your little one, remember, each name carries its own distinct charm and personality. We invite you to explore more of our baby name idea lists on our site to continue your exciting naming adventure. Thanks for reading and happy naming!

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