50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with J: Adventure Awaits in Every Name

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Hey there, mama-to-be! If you’re on the hunt for a unique, meaningful name for your bundle of joy, you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled 50 beautiful Australian baby girl names starting with ‘J’ just for you.

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with J

One of such names is ‘Jacinda’, a name worn with honor by Jacinda Ardern, the charismatic Prime Minister of New Zealand. Also, ‘Jasmine’, a name embraced by Jasmine Yarbrough, a prominent Australian model, radio host, and designer, radiates elegance and strength. These influential figures embody the extraordinary essence of their monikers, providing fantastic name inspiration for your little girl.

Baby Girl NamesCommon VariationsMeaning
1. JacindaJasinda, JecindaBeautiful
2. JadaJayda, JaidaKnowing, Wise
3. JasmineJasmin, JessamineFragrant Flower
4. JaylaJaylah, JaylahOne who is special
5. JazlynJaslyn, JazlinModern invented name
6. JennaJenah, JennahSmall bird, Heaven
7. JemmaGemma, GemaPrecious stone
8. JolieJolee, JoliPretty
9. JuliaJulea, JuliyaYouthful, tender
10. JocelynJoselyn, JoscelynLittle Goth
11. JoannaJohanna, JoanaGod is gracious
12. JordanaJordanna, JardanaFlowing down
13. JosieJozy, JozieGod will add
14. JudyJuda, JudiePraised
15. JulietJuliette, JulietaYouthful, beautiful
16. JuniperJunipera, JuniparJuniper tree
17. JusticeJustise, JustusEquity
18. JanessaJanessah, JanesaGod’s gracious gift
19. JelenaYelena, ElenTorch, light
20. JayleneJayleen, JaelyneBeautiful Jay bird
21. JemimaJemimah, JemimeDove
22. JessaJesa, JassaGod beholds
23. JewelJewell, JuelPrecious gem
24. JocastaJokasta, JocasteShining Moon
25. JanaJanna, JanahGod’s gracious gift
26. JanineJanin, JannineGod is gracious
27. JanaeJanay, JanaehGod’s gracious gift
28. JanisJanice, JaniseGod is gracious
29. JannetteJanette, JaneteGod is gracious
30. JoleneJoleen, JolienGod will add
31. JudithJudit, JuditaWoman from Judea
32. JulianaJulianna, JulianahYouthful
33. JelisaJalisa, JaleesaJehovah is generous
34. JoyJoie, JoiHappiness
35. JunoJuneau, JunohQueen of the heavens
36. JanuaryJanuaree, JanuarieMonth of the year
37. JillianGillian, JilianYouthful
38. JovitaJovina, JoviniaJoyful
39. JacinthaJacinta, JacynthHyacinth
40. JainaJayna, JanaGod is gracious
41. JuniaJunea, JunyaYouthful
42. JerushaJerushah, JerusaInheritance
43. JessamineJessamyne, JessaminaJasmine
44. JovanaJovanna, JovannahGracious, God is gracious
45. JonaJonna, JonahDove
46. JasnaJazna, YasnaLight, clear
47. JesseniaJesenia, YeseniaFlower
48. JosianaJoziana, JosiannaGod will add
49. JordisJordys, JordiceFlowing down
50. JulianneJuliane, JulyanneYouthful

And there you have it! Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with J. We hope you found some inspiring ideas for your little one. Remember, this is just a small slice of the wonderful world of baby names. Stay excited, stay inspired, and don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists right here on our site. Happy naming!

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