Discover 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with I for Your Princess

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Get ready to be swept off your feet by our carefully curated list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with I. It’s more than just a list – it’s a treasure trove of beautiful names waiting to be discovered.

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with I

Breathe life into these names by exploring some notable people who bear them. Imogen Bailey, a renowned model and actress, and Isla Fisher, a famous Hollywood actress, both hail from Australia. Their achievements and charm can serve as inspiration for your little girl’s journey.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. IslaIsla, IslayIsland
2. ImogenImogene, ImoginInnocent, Maiden
3. IndyIndi, IndeeIndependent
4. IndigoIndygo, IndigoBlue dye
5. IngridInger, IngredBeautiful, Fair
6. IonaIone, IonahPurple Jewel
7. IshaIshah, IshiaLife, Woman
8. IrinaIrene, IrenaPeace
9. IvyIvie, IviFaithfulness
10. IsadoraIsidora, IzadoraGift of Isis
11. IsobelIsabelle, IsabelGod’s promise
12. InesInez, InnesPure, Holy
13. IlkaIlke, IlkiBright, Shining
14. IndiaIndiya, IndeaRiver
15. IndraIndre, IndriaPowerful, Godly
16. InayaInayah, InayatCare, Concern
17. InfinityInfiniti, InfinitieForever
18. IolanaIolanah, IolandaTo soar
19. IoneIoni, IonieViolet Stone
20. ImaniImanie, ImaneeFaith
21. IonaIonna, IonahIsland
22. ItzelItzelle, ItzelaStar
23. IseultIseulte, IseultaIce, Ruler
24. IvanaIvanna, IvanyaGod is gracious
25. IolantaIolanthe, IolanthaViolet flower
26. IrisIriss, IrysRainbow
27. IlenaIlenna, IlienaShining light
28. IzzieIzzy, IzziGod is my oath
29. ItaliaItallia, ItaliyaItaly
30. IlseIlsee, IlsieGod’s promise
31. IdelleIdella, IduelleBountiful
32. InnaIne, InahStrong water
33. IlariaIlariya, IlaryaCheerful
34. IratiIratia, IratiiFern field
35. ItsukoItsuka, ItsukiChild of the tree
36. IlsaIlsia, IlsahGod is my oath
37. IdoyaIdoyah, IdoiaPond
38. IaraIarah, YaraLady
39. IzaraIzarah, IziraEqual, Flat
40. IndaIndah, InndaSwift, Beautiful
41. IvetIvette, IvetaYew tree
42. IrianaIrianna, IrionnaPeaceful
43. IkiaIkiah, IkiyaGod is my salvation
44. IoliteIolit, IolightViolet gemstone
45. IdraIdrah, IdrinaFig tree
46. IsraIsrah, IsrhaFreedom, Princess
47. IscahIska, IskhaOne who looks forth
48. IlenaIleana, IllenaShining light
49. IphigeniaIphigeniah, IphigenieStrong born
50. IstraIstra, IstriaStar

We’re so glad you joined us in exploring these 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with I. Remember, each name carries its own beautiful story and potential. As you continue your exciting journey of parenthood, feel free to dive into our other articles for more baby name inspiration. Here’s to finding the perfect name for your little one!

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