50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with H to Honor Heritage

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Choosing a name for your baby boy is such a thrilling journey. It’s a mix of anticipation, excitement, and perhaps a little bit of nerves. This list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with H will guide you through a meaningful path towards choosing the perfect name for your little one.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with H

Several well-known personalities carry Asian baby boy names beginning with H. Hiroshi Lockheimer, an influential figure in the tech world, is the Senior Vice President at Google. Haruki Murakami, a renowned Japanese author, has shaped literature across the globe. And let’s not forget Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the legendary “Metal Gear Solid” video game series.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HiroshiHiro, HiroshGenerous
2. HarukiHaru, HarukShining Sun
3. HideoHide, HidoExcellent man
4. HakimHak, HakiWise, judicious
5. HuanHu, HuaHappiness
6. HachiroHachi, HachEighth Son
7. HanHanu, HanyLeader
8. HaoHa, HooGood, noble
9. HoaHo, HooFlower
10. HuyHuyu, HuyyBright, intelligent
11. HyunHy, HyunnWise and bright
12. HengHengo, HengyPersistent
13. HongHongu, HongyWild Swan
14. HarutoHaru, HartoSun flying
15. HirokiHiro, HirokLarge joy
16. HinataHina, HinatTowards the sun
17. HoangHoa, HoanPhoenix
18. HaiHa, HySea
19. HangHan, HangoAngel
20. HungHun, HungoBrave
21. HuiHu, HuyBright, intelligent
22. HanhHanWalk, moving
23. Hyun-AeHy, HyunaWise love
24. HeeHe, HeoBright, shining
25. HuuHu, HooTo support, to back
26. HoaHo, HooFlower
27. Hyun-KiHy, HyunkWise, foundation
28. Ha-EunHa, HaeuKindness, mercy
29. HueHu, HuyIntelligent, bright
30. HyoHy, HyooFilial duty
31. Hak-KunHak, HakkuLiterate, cultured
32. Hang-SangHan, HangsAlways, constantly
33. Hyun-OkHy, HyunoWise, pearl
34. Hwa-YoungHwa, HwayoBeautiful flower
35. Hyun-ShikHy, HyunsWise, stone
36. Ha-NeulHa, HaneuHeaven, sky
37. Hyun-JaeHy, HyunjaWise, respect
38. Hyun-AhHy, HyunaWise, beautiful
39. HeaHe, HeoGrace
40. Hyun-JungHy, HyunjWise, noble
41. Hwa-SonHwa, HwasoFire mountain
42. Ho-SeokHo, HoseoTiger, stone
43. HeiHe, HeoGrace, kindness
44. HaeHa, HeoOcean
45. Hin-YanHin, HinyaPeaceful and graceful
46. HwiHw, HweeShine, bright
47. HoiHo, HoiySea
48. Ho-YinHo, HoyiShining and virtuous
49. HauHa, HauyHappiness, joy
50. HingHi, HingyProsperous

Thank you for taking the time to explore our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with H. Choosing a name is a significant step in your parenting journey, and we’re happy to be a part of it. Feel inspired to continue your search with more of our curated baby name idea lists on our site.

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