50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with G: Picking the Perfect Name

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Choosing the perfect name for your soon-to-be little guy can feel overwhelming, right? But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with G – unique, rich in meaning, and absolutely adorable.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with G

Gong Yoo is an accomplished South Korean actor who has warmed the hearts of international audiences with his charming performances. Another noteworthy figure is Gaku Space, a Japanese-American actor known for voicing Genji in the globally popular video game, Overwatch. These names not only stand out but also belong to individuals who have influenced many across the globe.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GahoGa-Ho, GaahoNoble and Filial
GanGan, GaanAdventurous
GiGee, GyiBrave
GenGenn, GhenSpring
GuanGuann, GwanLight
GongGongg, GhongGrand
GeonGeonn, GheonRespectful
GukGukk, GhukNation
GyumGyumm, GhyumMetal
GwangGwangg, GhwangBright
GimGhim, GimmGold
GunGunn, GhunStrong
GaonGa-On, GhaonCenter
GyeongGyong, GhyeongRespect
GajinGajinn, GhajinSelf
GilGill, GhilRoad
GihyeonGihyon, GhihyeonWisdom
GonGhon, GonnRespect
GookGookk, GhookNation
GihoGi-Ho, GyihoWise and Benevolent
GiteckGitek, GitekkHonor
GaramGahram, GharamRiver
GaminGamin, GhaminJoy
GisanGissan, GhisanHonest
GildongGildongg, GhildongPrecious and Esteemed
GyeonGyeonn, GhyeonRespect
GaeulGa-eul, GhaeulAutumn
GyeGye, GhyeeRespect
GisuGisoo, GhisuWisdom
GaramGahram, GharamRiver
GyuminGyumin, GhyuminIntelligence and Quickness
GidoGhido, GidooPrayer
GyeoulGyeoul, GhyeoulWinter
GijunGijoon, GhijunStandards
GwonGwon, GhwonPower
GyehoonGyhoon, GhyehoonRespect and Teaching
GeumGeumm, GheumGold
GilsonGilson, GhilsonBright Star
GideokGideok, GhideokRugged
GieokGieok, GhieokMemory
GyucheolGyuchol, GhyucheolSeeking Iron
GoonGoon, GhonRespect
GiyeonGiyon, GhiyeonHonor
GyubinGyubin, GhyubinRich and Eminent
GohunGohun, GhohunRespect and Teaching
GeonhoGeonho, GheonhoRespect and Allow
GummyGhummy, GummyGold and Beautiful

And there you have it, our curated list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with G. Thanks for diving into this adventure with us! Choosing a name is a significant and exciting step. Remember, you’re not just picking a name; you’re shaping a future. We hope this list has sparked some inspiration. Don’t forget to explore more of our baby name idea lists on our site, and happy naming!

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