50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With F: Imbuing Heritage in a Name

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Our little girls are our world’s precious gems. As we anxiously await their arrival, picking the perfect name becomes a delightful journey. This guide to 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with F will help you discover the unique name that will grace your lovely little lady.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with F

With Arabic names carrying such profound meanings, it’s no wonder many noteworthy individuals have been given these lovely names. For instance, Fairuza Balk, the acclaimed American actress, carries the Arabic name meaning ‘turquoise’. Then there’s the inspirational Fairuz, a singer known as the ‘Soul of Lebanon’, whose name implies precious gem. These trailblazers perfectly embody the strength and beauty that Arabic names starting with F can convey.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. FadiaFadiya, FadiyahSaviour
2. FahimaFahimah, FehimaUnderstanding, Intelligent
3. FakhiraFakhriya, FakhriGlorious
4. FadwaFadwah, FaduaSacrifice
5. FahdahFahda, FahdaaLeopardess
6. FajrFajar, FagerDawn
7. FalakFalaka, FalakiSky
8. FarahFarrah, FaraJoy, Happiness
9. FatimaFatimah, FatemaDaughter of the Prophet
10. FawziaFawziya, FauziaSuccessful
11. FirdausFirdawsi, FirdaousHighest Garden in Paradise
12. FizzaFiza, FizahSilver
13. FaridaFareeda, FaridahUnique
14. FareehaFarha, FarehaCheerful, Happy
15. FiryalFeriyal, FeryalName of a princess
16. FazilaFazeela, FazilahVirtuous, Honest
17. FulkiFulkee, FolkieSpark
18. FarzanaFarhana, FarzaanaWise, Intelligent
19. FasihaFaseeha, FasihahFluent Speaker
20. FadilaFadhila, FadilahVirtuous, Superior
21. FakhriyaFakharia, FakhreeyaHonorary
22. FirdawsFirdos, FirdevsParadise
23. FauziaFowziya, FawziyaVictorious
24. FaizahFaiza, FayzaSuccessful, Victorious
25. FajerFajar, FajrDawn
26. FatenFatin, FatenCaptivating, Alluring
27. FiddaFida, FedaSilver
28. FakhtaFakhtah, FakhtaA dove
29. FatinahFatina, FatinCaptivating
30. FakiraFakirah, FakeraThinker
31. FiddahFidaa, FedaSilver
32. FawziyyaFauziya, FawziaSuccessful
33. Fakhrun NisaFakhr-un-Nisa, FakhrunnisaGlory of Women
34. FanniFanie, FannieFree
35. FayruzFairuz, FeyruzTurquoise
36. FakhitaFakhitah, FakheetahA Dove
37. FarhanaFarahana, FarhaanaFull of Joy
38. FaridaFareedah, FareedaUnique, Matchless
39. FathimaFatima, FathimahDaughter of the Prophet
40. FalishaFalicha, FaleeshaHappy
41. FabihaFabeaha, FabihahBeautiful
42. FirdousiFirdoussi, FerdousiHighest Garden in Paradise
43. FarheenFarhin, FarheenaJubilant
44. Fakhr JahanFakhr-Jahan, FukhrjahanGlory of the world
45. FaridehFarida, FaredehUnique
46. FawziyyahFauziyah, FawziyaSuccessful
47. FaaiqahFaaiqa, FaaikaSurpassing, Excellent
48. FakhriFakhry, FakriGlory
49. FarashaFarashah, PharashaButterfly
50. FaseehaFasiha, FaseehahEloquent

Thank you for exploring our curated list of baby names. We hope you felt that spark of connection with one (or more!) of the 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with F. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is out there, and we are here to assist you on this special journey. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site for additional inspiration.

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