50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with G: Charming & Unique Choices

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Choosing a name for your little one is one of the most exciting steps on your journey to motherhood. That’s why we’ve curated a special list of 50 unique Arabic baby boy names starting with G, to help you find the perfect name that resonates with your hopes and dreams for your little bundle of joy.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with G

One shining example is Ghassan Massoud, the famous Syrian actor known for his role in the Hollywood epic ‘Kingdom of Heaven.’ Then there’s Gabriel Ba, the Brazilian comic book artist of Arabic descent, who has made waves in the comic industry. These names speak volumes, carrying a legacy of strength, talent, and uniqueness.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GabirGaber, GhabirComforter
2. GafarGaffar, GhafarForgiving
3. GhalibGaleb, GhalipConqueror
4. GamalJamal, GhamaalCamel
5. GanimGaneem, GanymVictorious
6. GaribGharib, GhareebStranger
7. GaziGhazi, GazyConqueror
8. GazwanGazwon, GhazwanSuccessful raid
9. GeedarGhedar, GhydarA wild animal
10. GhadanfarGadanfar, GhadonfarLion, king of the jungle
11. GhaffarGaffar, GhafarMost forgiving
12. GhaniGhane, GanyRich, wealthy
13. GhassanGhasan, GhasenOld Arabic Tribe
14. GhawthGawth, GhawtHelper, rescuer
15. GhazalGhazall, GazalFlirt, words of love
16. GhazawanGhazzawan, GhazzawonWarrior
17. GhaziGazi, GhazyWar champion
18. GhazwanGazwan, GhazzwanWinner, achiever
19. GhulamGhollam, GhullamServant
20. GilanGylan, GhylanName Of A Persian Empire
21. GoharGoharr, GohurDiamond, precious stone
22. GulzarGulzaar, GulzerGarden, rose garden
23. GulsarGhulsar, GulsarrRose-like face
24. GulshanGulsan, GulshenGarden
25. GulzarGulzaar, GulzerGarden, blossom
26. GhamidGhamyd, GhamydLeader, murderer
27. GhassaniGhasani, GhassanyYoung and delicate
28. GhuthaynGuthayn, GhuthaynName of a companion
29. GhusunGhusoon, GhusoonBranches of a tree
30. GhufranGhufron, GhufranForgiveness
31. GhutanGhutan, GhotunA narrator of Hadith
32. GhayoorGhayur, GhayorSelf-respecting
33. GhayyurGhayur, GhayoorAnother name for Allah
34. GhusunGhusoon, GhusoonBranches of a tree
35. GhumaysaGhumayza, GhomaysaHer kuniyah was Umm Sulaym
36. GhunchaGhunchaa, GhunchhaBud, Bloom
37. GulabGhulab, GulabbRose, flower
38. GuljehanGuljahan, GuljahenKing of flowers
39. GulsinaGulsena, GulsinaA flower in the Rose garden
40. GulwarinGulwaren, GulwarinAdorned with flowers
41. GurdwarGurdwaar, GurdwarSacred shrine
42. GhunaynGhunain, GhunaynOne who is hiding
43. GhusharibGhushareb, GhusharibBrave
44. GhiyasGhiyass, GhiyasHelper, reliever
45. GhizlanGhizlann, GhizlanFrom gazzalle
46. GhufronGhufran, GhufroonPardon, forgiveness
47. GhuyoorGhuyur, GhuyoorSelf-respecting
48. GhuzzayyaGhuzzayyah, GhuzzayyaA person who takes an enmity
49. GiryasGiryass, GiryasName of a Sahabi RA
50. GulrajGulraaj, GulrazFlower Queen

Congratulations, you’ve journeyed through our curated list of 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with G! Remember, each name is a promise filled with hope and love for your tiny one. As you continue your exciting journey, why not explore more of our baby name idea lists? We’re here to offer inspiration every step of the way. Thank you for joining us today, and happy naming!

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