12 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With X: Explore the Beauty of Heritage

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Are you embarking on the exciting adventure of naming your baby boy? Dive into our list of 12 Arabic baby boy names starting with X and let these exotic, yet charming names inspire you.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With X

Getting to know some notable people named with ‘X’ can be quite insightful. Xavier Naidoo, a German singer of South African descent, carries an Arabic name which means ‘bright, splendid, brilliant’. Xavi, a famous Spanish footballer, has a name with Arabic roots meaning ‘a new house’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XonXonnGod is Good
XamzaXamzahThe Tiger; Strength; Courage
XanderXandar, XandrSplendid; Defender of Mankind
XavianXavion, XavienLight; Sun
XaviarXaviare, XaviarreBright; Powerful
XavierXzavier, XayvierBright; Splendid; The Helper; New …
XavionXavon, XavienA Warrior; Smart
XerxesXerxs, XerxessFamous Persian King; Ruler over …
XhifzulXhifzull, XhifzulllFamily; Friends; Good Luck

That wraps up our list of 12 Arabic baby boy names starting with X. Thank you for joining us in this unique journey of name exploration. Remember, a name is the first gift you give your child, so take your time and enjoy the process! Spark your imagination further by checking out our other baby name lists. Find the name that not only sounds right but feels right, too!

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