50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With Y That Feel Like Home

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Picking out a name for your darling baby girl is like embarking on an exciting treasure hunt. Our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With Y might just hold the precious gem you’re searching for.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

You might be surprised to know that several influential figures came by their fame sporting names starting with Y. Award-winning actress Yvonne Strahovski, renowned musician Yoko Ono, and accomplished author Yupalee Wongnapa are just a few examples. Names starting with Y carry a unique charm and allure that sets them apart.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YasminYasmeen, YasmineJasmine Flower
YaraYarah, YarellaSmall Butterfly
YvetteIvette, EvetteYew Wood, Archer
YolandaYolande, IolandaViolet Flower
YulaYoola, YulahJewel of the Sea
YvonneIvonne, EvonneYew Wood
YaraYarah, YarrahWater Lady
YanaYanna, YannahGod is Gracious
YelenaJelena, HelenaBright, shining one
YasmineJasmin, YasminJasmine Flower
YuliaYoolia, UliyaYouthful
YaelJael, YaeliMountain Goat
YunaYoona, UunaSea
YelinaJelina, ElinaLight
YuliyaYulia, JuliaYouthful
YancyYancee, YancieEnglishman
YsabelIsabel, IsobelGod is my Oath
YesseniaYesenia, JeseniaFlower
YanaYanna, YannahGod is Gracious
YnezInez, AgnesHoly
YokoYouko, YokkoPositive, Sunny Child
YingYng, YnggHeroine
YulianaJuliana, YuliannaYouthful
YaraYarah, YarrahWater Lady
YadielYadiell, YadielaFriend
YonnaYannah, YannaDove
YashaYashah, YeshahLife Path
YiselaIsela, IsellaDevoted to God
YeshaEsha, IshaRich, Powerful
YumnaUmna, YuminaGood Fortune
YadeiraYadira, YadirahFriend
YvianaViviana, EvianaAlive
YamilaYamilla, YamilahBeautiful, Charming
YmaYmah, YmahResolute Protection
YetaYetta, YetahRuler of the Household
YsandraYsandre, IsandraDefending Men
YelizavetaElizaveta, YelizavettaGod is my Oath
YuvalUval, YuvalaStream
YuliaUliya, YuliyaYouthful
YalinaJelina, JalinaBright, Shining
YoletteYolete, YolettaFarmer
YeseniaYessenia, JeseniaFlower
YaelleYael, IelleMountain Goat
YlvaIlva, UlvaShe-wolf
YareliYarelis, YarelyWater Lady
YuridiaYuridya, YuridiaWith Song
YvoraEvora, IvoraYew Tree
YalenaJalena, YalinaBright, Shining
YasmineYasmyn, YasminJasmine Flower
YaeliYael, YaelleMountain Goat
YsanneYsanna, YzanneGracious

That concludes our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With Y. We hope it’s sparked inspiration and guided you closer to picking the perfect name for your little one. Exciting times await, right? Feel free to explore more of our thoughtful lists for even more baby name ideas. Thank you for sharing this special journey with us!

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