50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With X: A Name for Newborn Star

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There’s something extra special about the letter X, isn’t there, mama? It’s daring yet delicate—just like your little bundle of joy. Our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With X is packed with unique and meaningful options waiting for you to discover.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With X

From film to literature, there’s no shortage of accomplished women gracing the X names. Most notably, Xena, the Warrior Princess, has been a cultural icon for years, inspiring many mothers to name their daughters after the fearless character. Xiomara, another popular pick, has been worn with pride by Xiomara Laugart, a talented Cuban singer known for her soulful tunes.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XaraZara, Sahara“Princess”
XandraZandra, Sandra“Defender of man”
XantheZanthe, Santhe“Golden, yellow”
XaviaZavia, Savya“Bright, splendid”
XashaSasha, Asha“Defender of mankind”
XaidaZaida, Saida“Growing”
XylinZilin, Silin“Forest”
XenaZena, Sena“Hospitable”
XenniaXenia, Zennia“Hospitable”
XyliaZylia, Sylia“Woodland”
XochitlSochitl, Cozitl“Flower”
XanthaZantha, Santha“Yellow, blonde”
XiniaSinia, Zinia“God is gracious”
XoanaZoana, Soana“God’s gracious gift”
XylaZyla, Syla“Woodland”
XaelaZaela, Saela“Of the sun”
XoniaSonia, Zonia“Wisdom”
XaylaZayla, Sayla“Fairy princess”
XaviaZavia, Savya“New House”
XiomaraZiomara, Siomara“Battle ready”
XoeyZoey, Soey“Life”
XaraZara, Sara“Blossom”
XanaduZanadu, Sanadu“Beautiful place”
XylinaZylina, Sylina“From the forest”
XanZan, San“Defender”
XimenaZimena, Simena“Hearing”
XandraSandra, Zandra“Protector of mankind”
XaverieZaverie, Saverie“Bright, splendid”
XeniZeni, Seni“Hospitable”
XannaZanna, Sanna“Favoured grace”
XylaZyla, Syla“Woodland”
XeniaZenia, Senia“Hospitable”
XoanZoan, Soan“God’s gracious gift”
XylonaZylona, Sylona“From the forest”
XailaZaila, Syla“From the forest”
XeliaZelia, Selia“Heaven”
XyaZya, Sya“Fairy”
XuanZuan, Suan“Light”
XibelleZibelle, Sibelle“God’s promise”
XerenaZerena, Serena“Serene, calm”
XylaZyla, Syla“Of the wooded land”
XydiaZydia, Sydia“Heart”
XantheaZanthea, Santhea“Golden one”
XyzaZyza, Syza“Pure”
XolaniZolani, Solani“Peace”
XoraZora, Sora“Dawn”
XylonaZylona, Sylona“From the forest”
XaviennaZavienna, Savienna“New house”
XylineZyline, Syline“From the forest”
XyrielleZyrielle, Syrielle“Silver”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With X. Each name carries its own unique charm, doesn’t it? We hope it filled you with inspiration and excitement for when you can finally whisper that special name to your little one. Be sure to continue your journey with our other baby name idea lists, where more magical monikers await. Happy naming, mamas!

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