15 American Baby Boy Names Starting With X: Make a Statement

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Choose a name that’s as unique as your baby! Set off on an exciting and enlightening journey as we explore 15 American baby boy names starting with X that are as delightful as they are diverse.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With X

From music to sports, people with names starting with X have made their mark. Xander Bogaerts, an acclaimed baseball shortstop, and Xzibit, a renowned rapper and actor, are splendid examples. Their accomplishments not only shine a spotlight on their names but also serve as inspiration to your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XavierXavior, Xzavier, Zavier“The new house or bright”
XanderXandir, Zander, Zandar“Defender of mankind”
XanXann, Xaen, Xane“Defender of mankind”
XanthusXanthos, Zanthus, Xandus“Blonde, Yellow”
XaviXavie, Xavy, Zavie“Bright, Splendid”
XerxesXerksees, Zerkses, Xerkxes“Ruler over heroes”
XenoXenon, Xenoa, Xenos“Strange voice”
XiaXiah, Xya, Xeah“Glow of the sunrise”
XimonXymon, Ximonn, Xymonn“God has heard”
XimenesXimenis, Xymenes, Xymenis“Listening intently”
XoanXohan, Xoaen, Xoann“God is gracious”
XochipilliXochipillo, Xochypilli, Xochypillo“Flower prince”
XolaniXolanee, Xolaney, Xolanee“Please forgive”
XylonXylin, Xylen, Xylonn“Forest, Wood”
XylanderXylandr, Xylandyr, Xylandar“From the forest of the land”

Thanks for joining us on this journey through 15 American baby boy names starting with X! We hope our list sparked some inspiration, and if your curious mind seeks further ideas, don’t hesitate to explore more lists on our site. Happy baby naming!

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