Embark on a Name Journey: 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

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Embarking on the journey to motherhood is exciting, and choosing a name for your little one is a cherished part of that journey. Our curated list of 50 African baby girl names starting with Y is designed to inspire you, offering a unique blend of cultural richness, meaning, and beauty.

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

Among the many beautiful African baby girl names starting with Y, several stand out due to their famous bearers. Yewande, for instance, is an African name traced back to famous British author Yewande Omotoso. Born in Barbados to Nigerian parents, she’s a beacon of literary brilliance. Similarly, Yagazie, meaning ‘fulfill the desire’ in Igbo, is popularized by Yagazie Emezi, a renowned Nigerian documentary photographer.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. YabaYabba‘Beauty’
2. YaabaYaabaa‘Born on Thursday’
3. YaayaaYaya‘Worthy’
4. YafeuYafey, Yafieu‘Boldness’
5. YafeuoYafeyo, Yafeuoh‘Daring’
6. YaganaYaganah, Yagaana‘Happiness’
7. YahimbaYahimbah, Yaimba‘Respect’
8. YaaYaah‘Born on Thursday’
9. YasinYasim, Yasen‘The Prophet’
10. YasmeenYasmine, Yasmene‘Jasmine Flower’
11. YasminYasminn, Yassmin‘Jasmine’
12. YaaqooYaku, Yako‘Name of a Prophet’
13. YabomYabbom, Yabomm‘Joy’
14. YabisiYabis, Yabise‘Sunlight’
15. YawaYawaa‘Born on Thursday’
16. YayraYaira, Yayrah‘Blessing’
17. YekunoYekunoamlak, Yekunno‘God Establishes’
18. YemesrachYemisirach, Yemesrache‘Spring Water’
19. YeneeYeney, Yene‘Mine’
20. YeshiYeshii, Yeshie‘For Life’
21. YeseniaYesenyia, Yessenia‘Flower’
22. YeshimebetYeshimebeth, Yeshimebe‘Honey-Wine’
23. YaafoYaafoo, Yafow‘Joyful’
24. YardosYerdas, Yardas‘Successful’
25. YabtsegaYabtsegah, Yabtseg‘Gift of God’
26. YafiteYafet, Yafit‘Beautiful’
27. YakiraYakkira, Yakirah‘Precious’
28. YalengeYalengge, Yalengie‘Bright Star’
29. YanetYannet, Yanett‘Successful’
30. YardenYardenn, Yardehn‘To Flow Down, Descend’
31. YaregalYaregall, Yarigal‘Let Him Be Blessed’
32. YarleyYarlei, Yarli‘God is my Light’
33. YasaYasya, Yassa‘Snow Woman’
34. YashalYashall, Yashahl‘To Pull Out, To Rescue’
35. YashikaYashikka, Yashica‘Successful’
36. YasuYassu, Yassou‘Peace’
37. YeabsiraYabsira, Yeabsirah‘Frontier’
38. YeftaYeftah, Yeftai‘God Will Open’
39. YegodawitYegodwit, Yegodawitt‘God’s Little One’
40. YekoyeYekoie, Yekoyee‘He Saw Me’
41. YemisrachYemisrachh, Yemisrac‘Spring Water’
42. YenenehYenenah, Yenenh‘Mine’
43. YerodinYerodyn, Yerodynne‘Love’
44. YetundeYetundy, Yetundey‘Mother Returns’
45. YewandeYewandey, Yewandie‘Mother Has Come Back’
46. YeshiYeshie, Yeshii‘For Life’
47. YezenaYezenna, Yezene‘News’
48. YilmaYilmah, Yilmaa‘Miracles’
49. YirgalemYirgalemm, Yirgaleme‘You are at Peace’
50. YosanYosann, Yosahn‘Their Joy’

We hope this list of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With Y has ignited your imagination and inspired you in your quest to find the perfect name for your baby girl. Thank you for taking this journey with us, and don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists to continue exploring the world of unique baby names. Happy naming!

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