50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With L: Legacy and Love

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Choosing an African baby girl name starting with L is like threading a precious pearl in the necklace of motherhood. It’s stunning, timeless, and promises a legacy etched in love.

Notable People with African Baby Girl Names Starting With L

One stellar example is Lira, a multi-platinum South African singer and model. Her name, meaning “song”, perfectly aligns with her melodious career. Another influential figure is Letta Mbulu, a legendary South African singer who has used her influence to amplify African culture worldwide.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. LuluLuloo, LulaPearl
2. LeratoLerrato, LiratoLove
3. LethaboLethaboe, LetaboJoy
4. LishaLeesha, LiciaFull of Mystery
5. LumkaLumkah, LumcaBe Cautious
6. LindiweLindie, LindiAwaited One
7. LwandleLwanda, LwandieThe Ocean
8. LukheleLuhele, LukheleeCreator of Wealth
9. LatoyaLatoia, LatoyahVictorious One
10. LeboLeboh, LebowGratefulness
11. LerekoLerekoh, LerekoeJourney
12. LisakhanyaLisakani, LisakanyaShining Brightly
13. LesediLesedie, LesedeeLight
14. LoyisoLoyisoh, LoyisoeVictory
15. LindaniLindanie, LindaneeWait
16. LuthandoLuthandoe, LuthandohLove
17. LuvuyoLuvuyoh, LuvuyoeJoy
18. LonwaboLonwaboh, LonwaboeHappiness
19. LindokuhleLindokuhlee, LindokuhleWait for the Beautiful One
20. LangaLangah, LangaaSun
21. LihleLihlee, LihleeBeautiful
22. LedileLedilee, LedilehFamily
23. LungileLungilee, LungilieRight
24. LangaLangaa, LangahSun
25. LikhonaLikhonaa, LikhonahIt’s Here
26. LulonkeLulonkee, LulonkehAll are included
27. LejweleputswaLejweputswa, LejweleputswaaRock that glistens
28. LutendoLutendoe, LutendohFaith
29. LihlohonoloLihlonolo, LihlonolohSuccess
30. LindokuhleLindokuhlee, LindokuhlehWait for the Beautiful One
31. LufefeLufefee, LufefehBread
32. LikhanyileLikhanyilee, LikhanyilieIt has dawned
33. LusandaLusandaa, LusandahExtension
34. LethokuhleLethokuhlee, LethokuhlehGoodness is Waiting
35. LwaziLwazie, LwaziiKnowledge
36. LubanziLubanzie, LubanziiWide
37. LudumoLudumoe, LudumooFame
38. LungaLungaa, LungahBe Brave
39. LuyandaLuyandaa, LuyandahIncreasing
40. LuzukoLuzukoe, LuzukooGlory
41. LuciousLucioush, LuciousLight
42. LethaboLethaboh, LethaboeJoy
43. LindelaLindelah, LindelaaWait
44. LwethuLwethuh, LwethuOurs
45. LwandleLwandloh, LwandloeSea
46. LikhayaLikhayah, LikhayaaHome
47. LihlomeLihlomeh, LihlomeeShield/Protector
48. LikotsiLikotsie, LikotsiiFolklore
49. LikhanyeLikhanyee, LikhanyehShining Star
50. LasizweLasizwee, LasizwiiAnother Nation

Thank you for exploring our uniquely curated list of 50 African baby girl names starting with L! We hope these beautiful names have inspired you and made your journey towards naming your little one a tad bit easier. Remember, there’s an entire world of lovely baby names waiting for you on our site. So come back, get inspired, and enjoy this beautiful journey of choosing a name for your baby.

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