Manifest Traditions: 50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With L

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Hey Mama-to-be, naming your little one is like painting the first stroke on a blank canvas—it’s exciting and momentous. Our thoughtfully curated list of 50 African baby boy names starting with ‘L’ not only infuses your heritage but also ensures your baby boy’s name is as unique as him.

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With L

A shining example is Lebohang Khitsane, a renowned South African entrepreneur admired for revolutionizing the tombstone industry with his vibrant and personalized designs. Another is Leroy Fer, a professional footballer from the Netherlands with roots in the Caribbean island of Curacao, showcasing the grace and strength of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. LekanLeke, Laken“My wealth is increased” (Yoruba)
2. Lerato“Love” (Sotho)
3. Laban“White” (Swahili)
4. LatifLateef, Latifu“Kind, Gentle” (Arabic)
5. LeboLebogang“Thankful” (Sotho)
6. Luvuyo“Happiness” (Xhosa)
7. Luwi“One who excels” (Ngoni)
8. Langa“Sun” (Zulu)
9. Lindani“Wait” (Zulu)
10. LungileLungelo“Right” (Zulu)
11. Lethabo“Joy” (Sotho)
12. Lutendo“Faith” (Venda)
13. Luphelo“Experience” (Xhosa)
14. LindoLindokuhle“Wait for the beautiful one” (Zulu)
15. Lovemore“Love more” (English)
16. Litha“Sun” (Xhosa)
17. Lwazi“Knowledge” (Zulu)
18. LutaloLutale“War” (Luganda)
19. Langeni“At the sun” (Zulu)
20. Luyanda“Love increases” (Zulu)
21. Langa“Sun” (Swazi)
22. Lefa“The inheritance” (Sotho)
23. Luano“Paradise” (Luvale)
24. Lufuno“Love” (Venda)
25. Lihle“Beautiful” (Zulu)
26. Langa“Sun” (Ndebele)
27. Lazola“One who is contented” (Xhosa)
28. Lufefe“Victorious” (Xhosa)
29. Lencho“Lion” (Oromo)
30. Leeto“Journey” (Sotho)
31. Letlotlo“Treasure” (Sotho)
32. Lubanzi“Wide or vast” (Xhosa)
33. Luthando“Love” (Xhosa)
34. Lukhanyo“Light” (Xhosa)
35. Lindikhaya“Home” (Xhosa)
36. Lindela“Wait” (Zulu)
37. Lwandle“Ocean” (Zulu)
38. Londiwe“Protected” (Swati)
39. Lusanda“End of suffering” (Xhosa)
40. Lunga“Tall” (Zulu)
41. Lilitha“Create, develop” (Xhosa)
42. Lubabalo“Grace” (Xhosa)
43. Likhona“It’s there, it exists” (Xhosa)
44. Lindile“The wait is over” (Zulu)
45. Langalibalele“The sun shines for everyone” (Zulu)
46. Lwandile“The home has multiplied” (Xhosa)
47. Letsego“Shield” (Tswana)
48. Lengoasa“Rain bringer” (Sotho)
49. Lubisi“A river” (Xhosa)
50. Lutho“Nothing” (Xhosa)

Thank you, Moms, for journeying with us through this comprehensive list of 50 African baby boy names starting with ‘L’. We hope you found inspirations and perhaps, even the perfect name for your baby boy. Don’t stop here! We have numerous other baby name idea lists waiting just for you on our site. So, keep exploring, keep getting inspired—and remember, every name holds a story!

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