50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With H to Instill Strength and Grace

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Searching for the perfect name for your soon-arriving baby girl can feel exciting, daunting, and heartwarming all at once. Let’s explore together, as we dive into a unique list of 50 African baby girl names starting with ‘H’ that are rich in heritage and filled with meaning.

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With H

From renowned figures to emerging talents, there’s a long list of inspirational women with African names starting with ‘H’. One such figure is Hadia Sherif, a prominent Egyptian rhythographer, known for her poetic narrative and powerful performances. Or Halima Aden, a trailblazing Somali-American model who’s stolen hearts on international runways. Their achievements illuminate the richness and power of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HalimaHaleema, HalimahGentle, forbearing
2. HadiyaHadiyah, HadeeyaGift
3. HafsaHafzah, HafswaYoung lioness
4. HawaHava, AwaDesire, wish
5. HasanaHasanah, HasnaBeautiful, good
6. HarrietaHarrietta, HarietaHome ruler
7. HidaayaHidayah, HidaayahGuidance
8. HafizaHafeeza, HafizahProtector
9. HadizaHadizah, HadeezaOne who plans
10. HabeebaHabiba, HabeabaBeloved, sweetheart
11. HalidaHalidah, HaleedaPersevering
12. HamidaHamidah, HameedaPraiseworthy
13. HasibaHaseeba, HasibahRespected, noble
14. HulwaHulwah, HulwaaSweet, beautiful
15. HujaymaHujaymah, HujaymahA famous beauty
16. HaniyaHaniyah, HaneeyaHappy, joyful
17. HusnaHusnah, HusnnaBeautiful
18. HikmaHikmah, HokmaWisdom
19. HalaHalla, HalaaSweetness
20. HaninaHaninah, HanynaCompassionate
21. HabibaHabibah, HabeebahBeloved
22. HatimaHatimah, HattimaDefinite, decisive
23. HayfaHaifa, HayfahSlender, of beautiful body
24. HazinaHazinah, HazynaTreasure
25. HamraHamrah, HamiraRed-coloured
26. HasnaaHasna, HasnaahBeautiful
27. HakimaHakimah, HakeemaWise, judicious
28. HilwaHilwah, HelwaBeautiful, sweet
29. HawraHawrah, HowraHaving eyes with a marked contrast of black and white
30. HubbaHubbah, HubbahLove, desire
31. HafzaHafzah, HafsaProtector, lioness
32. HumraHumrah, HumiraBeautiful, rose-coloured
33. HulaiHulae, HulayBeautiful
34. HalmaHalmah, HalemaDreams
35. HibaHibah, HebaGift from God
36. HayatiHayatii, HayatyMy life (a term of endearment)
37. HalaikaHalaikah, HalaykaAngelic
38. HijaHijah, HejaJourney, pilgrimage
39. HaswaHaswah, HasuaModest, humble
40. HikariHikarie, HikaryLight, illumination
41. HamilaHamilah, HameelaPregnant
42. HayilaHayilah, HaylaLife
43. HaniHanie, HaneeHappy
44. HubafaHubafah, HubaafaFull of love
45. HinnaHinnah, HennaHenna plant
46. HimaHimah, HemaSnow
47. HindaHindah, HendaFemale deer
48. HanadyHanadyi, HanadiEcho
49. HauraHaurah, HoraWoman with beautiful face
50. HuthayfaHuthayfah, HuthaifaCurtains, coverings

Thanks for journeying with us through these beautiful 50 African baby girl names starting with ‘H’. Each name carries its own unique charm, whispers of culture, and strength. We hope you found inspiration in this list. Don’t forget to explore more of our baby name idea lists on our site, and remember, the perfect name for your little princess is waiting for you to discover it.

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