50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With G: Unleash a World of Charm

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Hey mama-to-be! If you’re journeying through the exciting world of baby names, our list of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With G is just for you. Let’s dive in to explore these unique gems, each brimming with meaning and rhythm!

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Notable figures like Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Goapele, whose moniker means “to move forward” in Setswana, surely make the letter ‘G’ shine. Ghanaian actress, Gifty Anti, also adds to the cultural richness of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GaiaGaiah, GayaEarth
2. GambaGambahWarrior
3. GaraiGaraySettle
4. GertrudeGert, GertieStrength of a spear
5. GediyonGedyon, GedeonDestroyer
6. GondweGoondweProtector
7. GugulethuGuguOur precious one
8. GaviviGavivieRich in life
9. GanyaGaniyaMost important
10. GamadaGamadahBeauty
11. GzifaGzifahShield
12. GudaGudahGreat, superior
13. GobenaGobenahMan of the wilderness
14. GraciousGraceful
15. GiseleGisellePledge
16. GenetGenettParadise
17. GhalibGhalibaConqueror
18. GhalyelaGhalyelahValuable
19. GelilaGelilahShe who is superior
20. GeteyeGeteyeiMaster, owner
21. GazaniaGazanyahTreasure
22. GaynorGaynerSon of the blond man
23. GhediGhedyTraveler
24. GomaGomahDance
25. GessesseGessessahHappiness
26. GizachewGizachewaConqueror
27. GezahegnGezahegniFor the future
28. GedionGedionoFighter
29. GatshaGatshahStrong, powerful
30. GebraGebranServant
31. GuesteGuestiTo exist
32. GebreGhebreServant
33. GudissaGudissiaHis medicine
34. GobenaGobenahGift
35. GuellehGuellehiOne who is deserving
36. GutaGutahHarvest
37. GwinyayiGwinyayieBe strong
38. GewargisGewargisiFarmer
39. GuenetGuenetiHeaven
40. GerimaGerimahPride
41. GebeyawGebeyawiLeaving
42. GraceGracieGrace of God
43. GidenaGidenahTall, superior
44. GefenGeffenVine
45. GabraGabrahServant of God
46. GebraGebranServant
47. GamilaGamilahBeautiful
48. GebreGhebreServant
49. GhediGhedyTraveler
50. GomaGomahDance

Thank you for exploring our curated list of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With G. We hope it added a little rhythm and resonance to your baby naming adventure. Feed your naming inspiration even more by checking out our other baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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