Beyond Common: 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With C

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Choosing the perfect name for your precious baby girl is an exciting journey filled with hope and love. Our list of 50 African baby girl names starting with C is here to inspire you, giving you a peek into the rich tapestry of African culture and tradition.

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Under this category, we have celebrities like Chiwetel Ejiofor, the talented British-Nigerian actor known for his compelling performances. Then there’s Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a renowned Nigerian author whose works have influenced a global audience. These personalities highlight the depth and versatility of African names starting with ‘C’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ChiamakaChioma, ChikaGod is beautiful
2. ChidiChidiogo, ChideraGod is present
3. ChizobaChizoGod protect us
4. ChiomaChioma, ChiamakaGood God
5. ChinyereChineyeGod gave
6. ChizaramChizaraGod answered me
7. ChidinmaChidyGod is good
8. ChukwumaChumaGod knows
9. ChidubemDubemGuided by God
10. ChineloChinaza, ChineGod thinks
11. ChinweChinwenduGod owns life
12. ChukwunyereChukwuGod gives
13. ChinyeluChineyeGod’s gift
14. ChidiebereChidiGod is merciful
15. ChikaodinakaChikaIt’s God we praise
16. ChinekwuChineGod speaks
17. ChidumebiChidumeGod lives with me
18. ChisimdiChisimdiGod says I shall live
19. ChizitereChiziGod sent
20. ChidinduChidiGod is alive
21. ChinwendoChinweGod owns life
22. ChinwenduChinweGod is the owner of life
23. ChimereyaChimereGod did it
24. ChisomagaChisomGod follows me
25. ChinazaekpereChinazaGod answers prayers
26. ChimalumChimaMy God is with me
27. ChisomnazuChisomGod is behind me
28. ChidimmaChidiGod is good
29. ChijiokeChijioGod holds share
30. ChinyelugoChinyeluGod’s gift is precious
31. ChiagoziemChiaGod blesses me
32. ChukwufumnayaChukwuGod admires me
33. ChibunduChibuGod is life
34. ChukwukaChukaGod is supreme
35. ChetachiChetaRemember God
36. ChizobaChizoGod protect us
37. ChinyeluChinyeluGod’s gift
38. ChizitereChiziGod sent
39. ChidiebereChidiGod is merciful
40. ChisomChisomaGod follows me
41. ChiamakaChioma, ChikaGod is beautiful
42. ChisimdiChisimdiGod says I shall live
43. ChukwunyereChukwuGod gives
44. ChibunduChibuGod is life
45. ChetachiChetaRemember God
46. ChidinmaChidyGod is good
47. ChidiebereChidiGod is merciful
48. ChimalumChimaMy God is with me
49. ChisomnazuChisomGod is behind me
50. ChukwukaChukaGod is supreme

Thank you for letting us help you on your naming journey. We hope this list of 50 African baby girl names starting with C has sparked your imagination and inspired you to find a meaningful name for your little one. Don’t forget to check out our other baby name lists on our site for more unique and beautiful ideas. Happy naming!

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