50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With B for Your Little Princess

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Hey there, beautiful mama! We know picking the perfect name for your baby girl is a journey filled with love and anticipation. To help you on this beautiful quest, we’ve curated a list of 50 radiant African baby girl names starting with B. Get ready to be inspired!

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Turning the spotlight on some outstanding women who carry African baby girl names starting with B, let’s celebrate their achievements. Bahia Bakari, known as ‘the Miracle Girl’, survived a plane crash in 2009, becoming a symbol of resilience. Award-winning South African actress, Bonnie Mbuli, and Nigerian politician, Bola Tinubu, are also shining examples of the strength and vibrancy these names carry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BaakoBaakah, Baco, BacohFirst-born
BabiryeBabiry, BabiryehTwin girl
BaciaBaciah, BacyaFamily deaths ruined the home
BadiaBadya, BadiyaUnique, unparalleled
BaduBadhoo, BadhuTenth-born child
BahatiBahatee, BahateyLuck or fortune
BahiyaBahiyah, BahiaBeautiful, brilliant
BainaBainah, BaynaClear, distinctive
BakariBakarie, BakaryPromise, hope
BalewaBalewah, BalawaHome-loving
BanaBanah, BaanaThe killer of her mother
BandeleBandeley, BandelBorn away from home
BintaBintah, BintWith God
BisaBisah, BeesaGreatly loved
BisharaBisharah, BisharraGood news
BoboBoboh, BobhoBorn on Tuesday
BolaBolah, BollahHonor meets her
BolanleBolanley, BolanlieFinds wealth at home
BolatitoBolatitoh, BolatithoHow much joy
BomaniBomany, BomaneWarrior
BongiweBongiw, BongieBe thankful
BoniBonie, BonyTo see
BonoloBonoloh, BonoloeEasy
BukolaBukolah, BukolaaAdded to the wealth
BuhleBuhleh, BuhleeBeauty and goodness
BunmiBunmie, BunmeeMy gift
BusaraBusarah, BusarraWisdom
BusisiweBusisiw, BusisieBlessed
ButholezweButholezw, ButholezeAsk of the nations
BabafemiBabafemey, BabafemyMy father loves me
BabatunjiBabatunjie, BabatunjeeFather wakes again
BakhitaBakhitah, BakheetahLucky
BalarabaBalarabah, BaalrabahBorn on Wednesday
BallaBallah, BallaaIdleness
BambalynaBambalynah, BambaleenahLittle girl
BanouBanoe, BanowPrincess
BapotoBapotoh, BapottoChild of the ancestors
BarakaBarakah, BarakahBlessing
BarikaBarikah, BareekahSuccessful
BashaBashah, BasahDaughter of God
BasmaBasmah, BasmahhSmile
BatsiraiBatsiraie, BatsirayLook at
BekezelaBekezelah, BekezellaPatience
BemnetBemnete, BemnettYou are trustworthy
BetiaBetiah, BetyaHallowed by God

Thank you for embarking on this exploration of 50 African baby girl names starting with B with us. Choosing a name is just the first step in your incredible journey as a mom, and we’re excited to inspire you further. Don’t forget to check out our other lists of baby name ideas to continue sparking this wonderfully creative process. Until next time, happy naming!

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