50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With W: Find the Perfect Match

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Choosing a name for your baby boy is a joyous journey, and we’re here to guide you. Join us as we explore 50 African baby boy names starting with W, each one unique, powerful, and packed with rich heritage.

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With W

Let’s look at some famous folks who proudly carry African baby boy names starting with W. Did you know that Wole Soyinka, an esteemed Nigerian playwright, was the first African to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature? Or that Wyclef Jean, the noted Haitian-American rapper, was named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine? These notable figures embody the strength and uniqueness of African names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WaleWaley, Waly, WallieTo arrive home
WaruiWarue, WaruyBorn near the river
WambuaWambuah, WambuBorn during the rainy season
WangaiWangi, WangieGod is gracious
WasemeWasemme, WaseemLet them talk
WainainaWainainah, WainainnaHe who builds
WeruWeruh, WeruuhFrom the river
WainWayne, WaynWagon maker
WycliffeWyckliffe, WycliffFrom the white cliff
WaziriWazirie, WazirriSecretary, administrator
WamaiWamae, WamayeHe who surprises
WamaithaWamaytha, WamaithahBorn of a joyful mother
WanyekiWanyekie, WanakiHe who is loved
WangoWangoi, WangoeOne who is desired
WamalwaWamalwah, WamaBorn during the brewing season
WalubengoWalubenggo, WalubengoOne who is hospitable
WabugeWabugge, WabugieOne who is adored
WainwrightWainewright, WainrightCraftsman
WashingtonWeshington, WachingtonFrom the intelligent one’s town
WanjohiWanjohie, WanjohyOne who loves alcohol
WachiraWachirah, WachyraOf the law
WanjalaWanjalah, WanjalaaBorn during the famine
WanyamaWanyamah, WanyammaAnimal resemblances
WairimuWairimuh, WairimooDark skinned
WakiliWakill, WakilyLawyer
WanikiyaWanikya, WanikiaSavior
WathanWathanh, WathannFreedom
WanainaWanainah, WanaenaBuilder
WokabiWokabie, WakabiBorn on a women’s market day
WooriWori, WorriOne who is delicate
WitherWitherh, WytherFrom the winding farm
WajiraWajirah, WajyraBorn during the day
WandiaWandiah, WandyiaOf the tribe
WamuyuWamuyuh, WamuyoBorn of rich parents
WaweruWaweruh, WawerooBorn during the rainy season
WambogoWambogoh, WamboggoBorn during the dry season
WakioWakiyo, WakyoBorn when visitors come
WachukuWachukuh, WachukooGod’s blessing
WamitiWamitih, WamitieBorn of a happy mother
WachutuWachutuh, WachutuBorn during the war
WakemanWakemann, WackemanWatchman
WamithiWamithie, WamitheBorn of a happy father
WanjiruWanjiruh, WanjyrooThe generous one
WakariaWakaryah, WakaryaOne who guards
WakukuWakukuh, WakookooBorn during the night
WamidhWamidhh, WamedhPraiser
WasiWasie, WasiiWide, ample
WaswaWaswaa, WaswahFirst-born of twins
WanguiWangoe, WangiBorn of rain

Thanks so much for joining us on this exciting naming adventure! We hope our curated list of 50 African Baby Boy Names starting with W has sparked some inspiration. Remember, choosing a baby’s name is a significant and beautiful task. Feel free to explore more of our baby name idea lists on our site to continue your naming journey. Happy naming, and take care, mama!

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