Welcome Your Little Lady: 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With R

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Isn’t it thrilling to think about the perfect name for your precious baby girl? Let’s dive in and explore together a list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With R, filled with captivating options for your little lady.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With R

When it comes to remarkable individuals with Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With R, renowned Afghan women’s rights activist, Rabia Balkhi, certainly stands out. This poetess is a shining example of resilience and creativity, embodying the essence of these Afghan names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. RabiaRabiah, Rabea“Fourth”
2. RoshanRoshni, Roshana“Bright, Light”
3. RahilaRahilah, Rahela“One who travels”
4. RukhsanaRuxana, Roxana“Bright, Shining”
5. RaziaRaizah, Raziya“Content, Satisfied”
6. RoshnaRoshanah, Roshnaa“Light”
7. RoshidaRoshidah, Rosheda“Mature, Wise”
8. RaheemaRaheemah, Rahima“Merciful, Kind”
9. RaqibaRaqibah, Raqyba“Vigilant, Observer”
10. RafeeqaRafeeqah, Rafiqa“Gentle, Friend”
11. RaisaRayssa, Raeesa“Leader, Chief”
12. RanaRanah, Ranna“Gazing, Observing”
13. RamziaRamzya, Ramziaa“Gift”
14. RoshanaraRoshanarah, Roshanarra“Illuminator of the Soul”
15. RukhshandaRukhshandah, Rukhshandaah“Shining, Bright”
16. RasheedaRasheedah, Rasheda“Guided, Righteous”
17. RafidaRafidah, Rafyda“To Elevate Rank”
18. RameenRameena, Ramin“Successful, Joyous”
19. RunaRunah, Runna“Mystical, Secret”
20. RoshiniRoshinee, Roshiny“Light, Brightness”
21. RukiaRukiah, Rukya“Elevated, High”
22. RahafRahaaf, Rahav“Delicate, Light”
23. RidaRidah, Ridaa“Contentment”
24. RyaRyah, Ria“Calm, River”
25. RubaRubah, Rubaa“Hills, High Place”
26. RuzanaRuzanah, Ruzanna“Blossoming, Blooming”
27. RushdaRushdah, Rushdaa“Rightly Guided”
28. RukshaRukshah, Ruksa“Brilliant, Lustrous”
29. RafatRafat, Rafatte“Elevation, High”
30. RamalRamall, Ramale“Sand”
31. RuqaiyaRuqayah, Ruqayya“Name of Prophet’s Daughter”
32. RabailRabayl, Rabale“A Veil of Flowers”
33. RashnaRashnah, Rashana“Right Guidance”
34. RashikaRashikah, Rashiqa“Touched by Grace”
35. RafaRafah, Raffa“Happiness, Prosperity”
36. RakhsindaRakhindah, Rakhinda“To Gaze, Stare”
37. RafiqaRafiqah, Rafeequa“Companion, Friend”
38. RukhaRukhah, Rukhaa“To Soothe, Calm”
39. RasmaRasmah, Rasama“To Draw, Sketch”
40. RizaRizah, Rizza“Pleasure, Contentment”
41. RizwanaRizwanah, Rizwanna“Guardian of Heaven”
42. RafidaRafidah, Rafyda“Helper, Supporter”
43. RaqiqaRaqiqah, Raqiqua“Tender, Delicate”
44. RumaRumah, Ruumma“High, Lofty”
45. RayhanaRayhanah, Rayhanaa“Sweet-Smelling Flower”
46. RabwaRabwah, Rabwaa“Hill, High Place”
47. RafsaRafsah, Rafasa“Swift”
48. RazanRazanah, Razann“Balanced, Composed”
49. RiqqaRiqqah, Riqqu“Thin Cloth”
50. RasilaRasillah, Rasila“Sent, Dispatched”

And there you have it – our list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With R. Thanks for joining us on this meaningful journey. We hope you found a name that resonates with your dreams for your little one. Feeling inspired? Check out more of our baby name idea lists to continue your name hunt. Happy naming!

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