50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With S That Stand Out in Every Crowd

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Hey moms-to-be! Are you on the lookout for a truly unique name that starts with an ‘S’ for your little one? Check out our list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With S and discover names brimming with culture, charm, and deep meanings.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Some influential figures carry these beautiful Afghan baby girl names beginning with ‘S’. For instance, Soraya Tarzi, a progressive queen of Afghanistan during the 20th century, and Soosan Firooz, the first female Afghan rapper who uses her voice and name to empower women.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SabiraSabirah, SabhaPatient
2. SamiraSameera, SamirahEvening Conversationalist
3. SorayaSurayya, ThurayyaPleiades, Bright Star
4. SalimaSaleema, SelimaSafe, Healthy
5. SultanaSoltana, ZultanaQueen, Ruler
6. ShabnamShabnum, ShebnemDew
7. ShekebaShekiba, ShekebahHope
8. SanaSanna, SanahResplendence, Brilliance
9. SaadiaSaadiya, SadiaLucky, Blessed
10. ShamilaShameela, ShamilyaBeautiful
11. SairaSaiyra, ZahiraMigrator
12. SaraZara, ZahraPrincess
13. ShaidaShayda, ScheadaFalling in Love
14. ShagufaShagoofa, ShaguftaBlossom
15. ShereenSherin, ShereneSweet
16. SabeenSabine, SabinFrom the Name of A River
17. ShahlaaShahla, ShalaDark Flower, Blue
18. SadafShadaf, SadaafSea Shell
19. ShakilaShakilah, ShakiylaBeautiful
20. ShukriaShukriya, ShoukriaThankfulness
21. SabrinaSabreena, SabrinA Legendary Princess
22. SofiaSophia, ZofiaWisdom
23. SaimaSayma,SemahFasting Woman
24. SaharSeher, SahraDawn
25. SaniaSaniyah, SanyaBrilliant, Radiant
26. ShaziaShehzia, ShaziyaRare, Unique
27. SabahSabaah, SabehMorning
28. SharifaShareefa, ShariffaNoble
29. SalmaSalamma, SalomahPeace
30. SitaraSitaara, SetarehStar
31. ShahnazShahnaaz, ShehnazPride of the King
32. SabinaSabyna, SabinnBeautiful
33. SaidaSaidah, SayeedaHappy, Fortunate
34. ShaistaShaysta, ScheistaElegant
35. SalwaSalwah, SelwaQuail
36. ShukriyaShukria, ShoukriyaGratefulness
37. SanamSanem, SenamBeloved
38. SajidaSajidah, SejidaOne Who Prostrates
39. ShafiqahShafeeqah, ShafikaKind, Compassionate
40. SuhailaSuhayla, SohaillaSmooth, Soft
41. ShahrizadShahrzad, ShahrazadCity -born, Free
42. SafiyahSafiya, SaphiaPure
43. ShabanaShabanna, ShebanaYoung Lady
44. ShakeebaShekeeba, ShaykebaPatient
45. SuraiaSoraya, SurayyaThe Pleiades
46. ShalaShyla, ShelaBrook, River
47. SharminSharman, SharmeenModesty
48. ShamsaShamsah, ShamsSun
49. ShainaShayna, ShainahBeautiful
50. ShammaraShamara, ShemaraReady for Battle

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With S. Choosing your baby’s name is an exciting journey filled with love and anticipation. We hope our list has sparked some inspiration! Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site to continue your journey towards finding the perfect name for your little one.

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