50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With P: A Blend of Modern and Traditional

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Choosing a name for your future daughter is an exciting journey of discovery! Our list of ’50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With P’ offers a treasure trove of names, each carrying a unique story of culture, tradition, and charm. Let’s dive in!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Did you know? Pashtana Durrani, an Afghan human rights activist, and Parwana Malikyar, an accomplished Afghan-American artist, both carry beautiful names starting with ‘P’. These inspirational figures bring extra flair to our list of Afghan baby girl names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PariParya, PareeFairy
ParwanaParwaneh, PerwanaMoth
PaimanPayman, PaimaanPromise
PadidaPadeeda, PadidehPhenomenon
ParisaParisah, PareesaLike a fairy
PalwashaPalwashah, PalvashaLight Ray of Moon
PashtanaPashtaana, PashtanaaWoman from Pashtun
ParigulPareegul, Pari GulFlower Fairy
PayvandPoivand, PayvandhConnection, Joint
PakizaPakizah, PakizaaPure
PanizPaneiz, PaneezSugar
ParinaazParenaaz, ParinaazhFull of grace
ParmidaParmeda, ParmeedaPrincess
ParastouParastoo, ParastoSwallow (the bird)
ParizadParizaad, PareezadBorn of the fairies
PantheaPantheah, PantheeaOf all gods
PakhtanaPakhtaana, PakhtanaaPashtun woman
ParvaParvah, ParwahA small particle
PanteaPanteah, PanteeaVery beautiful
ParvanaParvaana, ParwanaButterfly
PaywandPaywandh, PayvandConnection, Union
ParasteshParastesha, ParastashAdoration
ParandParanda, ParandhSilk
PraharshitaPraharshitha, PraharshetaExtremely happy
ParwizPerviz, ParvizHappy, Fortune
PayamPayaam, PayamaMessage
PasandePasanda, PasandehLiked, Loved
PardisPardys, PardyseParadise
PoupakPoupaak, PoupakhA kind of bird
PeymanPeiman, PeymaanCovenant
PardhaParda, ParthaCurtain, Screen
PryiankaPriyanka, PriyankaBeautiful
PavartiParvati, ParvathiDaughter of the mountains
PreshaPreshah, PreeshaGift of God
PraviPravy, PrawiSunlight
PujitaPujit, PoojitaWorshipped
PukhrajPukhraz, PukrajTopaz
PrinaPrinah, PrinnaContent
PunitaPuneeta, PunithaPure
PoojaPuja, PujahWorship
PrathaPrathaa, PrathahHabit, Custom
PritaPreetah, PrittaDear one
PavitraPavithra, PavitraaPure
PoulomiPoulomee, PoulomieIndra’s second wife
PritiPreeti, PritieLove
PreamPreem, PreaamLove
PrashansaPrashaansa, PrashansahPraise
PoonamPoonama, PoonumFull Moon
PritikaPritikaa, PreteekaLoved one

What an exciting journey through the ’50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With P’! We hope you’ve found inspiration, knowledge and possibly the perfect name for your little one. Be sure to explore more of our curated baby name lists for extraordinary options. Thanks for being part of our naming adventure!

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