50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With P: Celebrating Cultural Richness

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Hey there, expecting mamas! Ready to find a name as unique and special as your baby? Our list of 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With P offers a treasure trove of names, brimming with rich culture and meaningful narratives. Let’s dive in!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Among those with Afghan baby boy names beginning with P, Parwiz Shamal stands out. A thought-provoking journalist from Afghanistan, Shamal has made a significant impact with his insights and is a prime example of the international influence these names can hold.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ParwezParwiz, PervezSuccessful, fortunate
2. PayendaPayindahImmortal, eternal
3. PoyanPoyaAchiever, accomplishing
4. PadshahPadshah, BadshahKing, ruler
5. PasarlayPasarlyDawn, morning
6. PaimanPaymanPromise, pact
7. PalangPalanPanther
8. PalwashaPalvasha, PalwishaLight ray of the moon
9. ParandParandehSilk
10. ParvezParwez, PervezPleiades, constellation of stars
11. PaywandPayvandConnection, link
12. PiroozPiruz, PirozVictorious, successful
13. PartamPartemFace of an angel
14. PaykarPaygerBattle, conflict
15. PoshmalPoshmaal, PoshmalPure silver
16. PakeerPakheerBird’s name
17. PerzanParzanSon of a king
18. ParoonParunThe name of a river
19. PanjsherPanjshirName of a place
20. PezhwakPezhvakMessenger
21. PipalPeepalA type of tree
22. PakizaPakizah, PakizaaPure, clean
23. PidakPidaqA type of flower
24. PaimanaPemanaVessel, jug
25. PardisPardyce, PardiceParadise
26. ParangPrang, ParungGlittering, shining
27. PorsaPorsaa, PorsahA type of flower
28. PatyalPatiyal, PatialA type of bird
29. PerhoodPerhud, ParhudA type of flower
30. PaktiaPaktiahName of an Afghan city
31. PardesPardisHeaven, paradise
32. PenhanPenhaanHidden, concealed
33. PeshalaPeshla, PeshlahForefront, ahead
34. PuharPuharr, PuhurBlossom, bloom
35. PajhmanPajmanMemory, remembrance
36. ParhloParholo, ParhlowReader, learner
37. PohyalPohiyal, PohyelConqueror, victory
38. PashunPashoon, PashonLove, affection
39. PardazPardaaz, PardhaazDevelopment, expansion
40. ParyanPariyan, PryanButterfly
41. PaymalPaymaal, PaymeilWorshipper, devotee
42. PatoPaato, PatohCloth, fabric
43. PaintarPainter, PenterPanther
44. PaikanPaykan, PikanArrow
45. PukhtoonPakhtoon, PukhtonEthnic group in Afghanistan
46. ParakPrak, ParukFlying, soaring
47. PashangPashan, PeshangStoryteller, narrator
48. PasoonPasun, PazonLight, illumination
49. PradoPradoo, PraduLuxurious, lavish
50. PunraPanra, PonraLeaf, petal

That wraps up our exciting journey through 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With P. Thanks for joining us on this fascinating exploration! We hope it’s sparked some inspiration. Don’t forget to delve into more of our carefully curated lists on our site to discover even more baby name ideas. Happy naming!

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