Embrace Originality With 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With N

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one can be a unique journey, filled with excitement and anticipation. Explore our vibrant list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with the letter ‘N’ and embrace this wonderful mix of tradition, culture, and charm for your future star.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Nahid Nikosar, in the world of sports, is a prominent figure who has made a name for herself as a Paralympic athlete. Her dedication serves as an inspiration, revealing that your little girl’s Afghan name starting with ‘N’ can shine brightly in the world.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NadiaNadya, NadiyaHope
NafisaNafeesa, NaphisaPrecious Gem
NahidNaheed, NaaheedVenus; Star
NailaNaela, NaeelaAcquirer; Achiever
NaimaNayma, NaeimaTranquility; Peace
NargesNargis, NargeesDaffodil
NasrinNasreen, NasrineWild Rose
NazaninNazneen, NazaneenSweetheart; Beloved
NilufarNilofer, NeelofarWater Lily
NishaNeesha, NeishaNight
NoorNour, NurLight
NuraNoora, NuuraIlluminated
NisreenNesrin, NisrineWild Rose
NajmaNazma, NajmahStar
NahlaNala, NahlahFirst Drink
NamiraNameera, NaamiraLeopard
NasimaNasimah, NaseemaBreeze
NidaNidah, NeedaCall
NuzhatNuzhath, NuzhaatPleasure Trip
NargisNargiss, NargeesNarcissus Flower
NainaNainah, NaynaEyes
NahiraNahyra, NahirahBrilliant
NazifaNazifah, NazeefaPure; Clean
NushinNoushin, NusheenSweet
NaazNaazh, NaazePride
NargolNargole, NargollDaffodil
NilamNeelam, NilaamSapphire
NuriaNuriyah, NooriaLight
NadimaNadimah, NadeemaFriend; Companion
NaadiyaNaadya, NaadeeyaCaller; Announcer
NasheetaNasheetha, NusheetaEnergetic; Lively
NazimaNazimah, NazeemaPoetess
NisaaNisa, NisahWomen; Lady
NaazneenNaaznean, NazneinBeautiful
NabeelaNabeea, NabeelahNoble
NajlaNajlah, NajleaOf Wide Eyes
NafiahNafia, NafiyahProfitable; Beneficial
NaifaNayfa, NayifahElevated
NasiraNaseera, NasirahHelper
NilashaNilashah, NeelashaBlue
NigarNigaar, NigaarrSweetheart
NaureenNoorin, NaureneBright Light
NadeenNadine, NadeneHope
NargessNarges, NargisNarcissus Flower
NahiaNahea, NahiahGuide to the Right Path
NainaNaina, NaynaBeautiful Eyes
NazeenaNazeenah, NazinaBeautiful
NooriaNoorya, NooriyaLight; Luminous
NavidaNaveeda, NaveidaBringer of Good News

Thank you for sharing this name-finding journey with us. We hope these 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With N have inspired you, providing a world of possibilities for your baby girl’s identity. Continue your exploration with the other baby name ideas on our site, filled with cultural richness and uniqueness to match your little one’s future personality.

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