50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With N for Your New Arrival

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Expecting your little one and curious about baby names? Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Afghan culture with these 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names starting with N. Let’s create a unique identity for your future star!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With N

In the impressive array of those with Afghan names starting with N, notable amongst them is Naweed Nour, a renowned Afghan-American physician and humanitarian. His name, Naweed, signifies ‘good news’ in Pashto – the perfect embodiment of hope and joy for your baby boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NabilNabill, NabeelNoble
NahimNaa-him, NaheemComforter
NaderNadr, NadaerRare
NafiNafee, NafieUseful
NaghibNagheeb, NaghebNoble
NahyanNahian, NahyannStopping
NaimNa’im, NaeemComfort, tranquility
NajibNajeeb, NajeibNoble
NaserNaseer, NassirHelper
NawidNaweed, NaveedGood News
NijadNijaad, NijaddBorn in high place
NumanNumann, NoomanBlood, red
NawrozNawroze, NawroozNew Day
NiamatNemat, NeamatBlessing
NasratNasratt, NasruttVictory
NijazNijazz, NijaazAchievement
NaseemNasim, NaseemBreeze
NooriNoorie, NureeLight
NawabNawaab, NawaubLeader
NatiqNateq, NatikSpeaker
NawfalNawfall, NawffalGenerous
NurullahNoorullah, NurullaLight of God
NusratNosrat, NusrotHelp, aid
NomanNoaman, NumaanBlood
NoorNoor, NurLight
NorozNorooz, NurozNew Day
NajatNajatt, NajaatSafety
NatiNatie, NattySpeaker
NabilNabeel, NabeilNoble
NahirNahyr, NahireBright, clear
NaumanNoman, NoumanBlood, red
NafasNafaas, NafisBreath
NafayNafaey, NafeiProfitable
NawsherNawshar, NawshareLion
NusurNousur, NusorEagles
NajimNajym, NajimStar
NangyalNangial, NangyialVictorious
NarmNarme, NaremSoft, tender
NisahNisa, NeesahEagle
NawazNawz, NawaazGift
NazarNazir, NazaarView, sight
NoubaNubba, NubahGift, present
NaubaharNuubahar, NawbaharEarly spring
NaurangNaurung, NaurrangColorful
NaubaharNaubaher, NoubaharEarly spring
NarrayNarrae, NarrayeLeader
NabeelNabil, NabeilNoble
NuhNuhu, NuhuhPeace and rest
NawzNawaz, NawzazGift

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names starting with N. We hope you’ve found inspiration and a potential name that sings to you and your little one. Continue to explore our diverse collection of baby name ideas and feel the thrill of naming your precious bundle of joy. Until next time, happy name hunting!

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