50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With M: Fresh Ideas for New Moms

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Hey there, future mama! If you’re dreaming about a unique and beautiful name for your baby girl, you’re in the right place. We’ve meticulously curated a list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With M, all set to inspire you.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Arguably, the most notable lady who has an Afghan baby girl name starting with M is Malalai Joya. Named after Malalai of Maiwand, a national folk hero, this brave woman became one of Afghanistan’s most respected yet controversial female activists.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MahsaMaahsaLike the Moon
2. MinaMeenaLove, Enamel
3. MarwaMarvahA Mountain
4. MahnazMahnaazMoon’s Glory
5. MonaMonahWish, Desire
6. MursalMursaalMessenger
7. MalihaMaleehaBeautiful
8. MariamMaryamBitterness
9. MahrokhMahroqFace like the moon
10. MuneeraMunirahIlluminating
11. MahlaqaMehlaqMoon-Faced
12. MariyaMaryaBright Star
13. MarmarMarmarrMarble
14. MaidaMaydaTable Spread
15. MahjabinMahjabeenMoonlight
16. MahbanoMahbanuLady Moon
17. MehrangizMehrganjAffectionate
18. MehrabMehrabanKind and Merciful
19. MuzhganMuzhaghanEyelashes
20. MahrukhMahrokhMoon Face
21. MahMaahaMoon
22. MuskaMuskahSmile
23. MasumaMasoomaInnocent
24. MahdokhtMahdokhtDaughter of the moon
25. MakhmalMakmalVelvet
27. MajabeenMajabinMoonlight
28. MahboobaMahbubaBeloved
29. MehrnazMehrnaazPride of the sun
30. MalalaiMalaliHigh status
31. MaimoonaMaymoonaFortunate, blessed
32. MuzhdahMuzhdaGood news
33. MadinaMadenaCity
34. MahgulMahgoolFlower
35. MinaMeenaLove
36. MairanayMairanaBeads
37. MubarakaMubarakahBlessed
38. MandanaMandaanaEternal
39. MushkaMushkahDeer
40. MasoodaMasoodeHappy, lucky
41. MakhmalMakmalVelvet
42. MahrooMahroFace of the moon
43. MadiaMadihaPraiseworthy
44. MushkMuskFragrance
45. MelikaMelicaQueen
46. MuzhdaMuzhdeGood news
47. MuzghanMuzghanEyelashes
48. MarmarMarmarMarble
49. MakhfiMakhfeeHidden, secret
50. MuzdalifaMuzdalihaThe valley of Muzdalifa

We’ve reached the end of our enriching journey through 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With M. Thanks for joining us! Choosing a baby’s name is both exciting and momentous, and we’re thrilled to be part of your journey. If you’re still craving more, don’t hesitate to explore our numerous other baby name lists right here on our site. Happy naming!

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