Inspire with Identity: 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With L

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Choosing a unique and meaningful name is one of the early gifts we can give to our little ones. And if you’re pondering about names that are both beautiful and unique, our list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With ‘L’ is just what you need!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Afghan names are not only beautiful but have also been carried by remarkable individuals. For instance, Latifa (meaning gentle), was the name of a brave Afghan woman who escaped the Taliban and continues to fight for women’s rights. Similarly, Laila (meaning night) was the name of an influential Afghan journalist who won the Courage in Journalism Award.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LailaLailah, LeilaNight
LatifaLatifah, LateefaGentle, Pleasant
LinaLena, LynaTender
LamiaLamiah, LameaShining, Radiant
LalahLaila, LeilaTulip
LubnaLobna, LubnahStorax Tree
LujainLujayn, LujaineSilver
LaibaLayba, LeibaMost beautiful woman in heaven
LiyanaLiana, LayanSoftness, Tenderness
LumaLumah, LoomaSunset
LabeebaLabiba, LabeebahIntelligent
LarisaLarissa, LarisahCheerful, Light-hearted
LeenaLina, LeanaPalm Tree
LamisahLamisa, LameesSoft to the touch
LutfaLootfa, LuthfaKindness
LabibahLabeebah, LabeebaUnderstanding, Sensible
LaikaLayka, LeikaBark, Speech
LujainaLujayna, LujainahSilver
LatimahLateemah, LatimaOf gentle nature
LamahLama, LammahBrilliance
LinaLeena, LynaGentle
LatashaLatosha, LatashahBirth
LayalLayel, LaylNights
LubabahLobabah, LubabaThe innermost essence
LayanahLayana, LeyanahSoft, Gentle
LaithaLatha, LeithaLioness
Lu’luLulu, LulooPearls
LujaynahLujaina, LujaynaSilver
LarinaLarena, LareenaProtector
LatanyaLatonya, LatoniaUnknown
LameesLamis, LamesSoft to touch
LeilahLayla, LelaNight
LayinaLeyina, LainaFlexible, Soft
LamittaLamitah, LamitaBrilliant, Shining
LutfiyaLutfia, LuthfiyaDelicate, Kind
LailanahLailana, LylanaNight Beauty
LadanLadian, LedenNectar
LumairahLumaira, LumayraBrilliant, Shining
LujainahLujaina, LujaynahSilver
LadeenaLadeana, LadinaGentle, Kind
LamittaLamita, LamitahShining
LamisLamees, LamesSoft to touch
LubaidahLubaida, LobaidahLoving, Kind
LabiqaLabika, LabiqahIntelligent, Wise
LayalinaLeyalina, LailinaOur Nights
LamisahLameesah, LamisahSoft to touch
LamiyaLamiyah, LameaShining
LatifahLateefa, LatifaKind, Gentle
LubadahLubadah, LobadaWise, Intelligent
LabeebahLabibah, LabeebahIntelligent, Wise
LakiaLakiah, LakyaTreasure

We hope you enjoyed this list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With L. There’s a certain charm in these names that can leave an imprint on hearts. As you continue your journey of picking the perfect name, our list has perhaps sparked some inspiration. Feel free to dive into our other lists for more unique and heartwarming baby name ideas. Happy naming!

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