Finding the Perfect Fit: 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With E

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Hey mama! Picking a name for your little one is a big deal – it’s the first gift you’ll give her, a gift she’ll carry her whole life. If you’re seeking something unique, heartfelt, and with roots in rich Afghan culture, we’ve curated a list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with E just for you!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With E

Many influential people have embodied the beauty and uniqueness of Afghan names starting with E. Elaha Soroor, a famous Afghan singer, is renowned for her powerful voice and activism. Another notable figure is Elay Ershad, an influential politician and the first woman to serve in the Afghan Parliament.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. EhsanEhssan, EhsaanCharity, Kindness
2. ElahehElaha, ElaheGoddess
3. ElinaEleen, ElineIntelligent, Bright
4. ElnazElnaaz, ElnazPride
5. ElahaElaheh, ElaheGoddess
6. EmonEmaan, ImanFaith
7. EtiEty, EtieSun
8. EdrisIdris, EdreesStudious
9. EbonyEboni, EbonieDark black-wood
10. EmaEmma, EmaaUniversal
11. EminaEminah, EmminaTrustworthy
12. EldaEldaah, EldahWarrior
13. ErisEriss, EriseGoddess of discord
14. ElhamIlham, ElhaamInspiration
15. ElinaElinaa, ElinahNoble, Truthful
16. ElizaElizah, ElizzaJoyful
17. EmanEmaan, EemanFaith
18. EnisaEnisah, EnysaGood friend
19. EzriaEzriah, EzreaHelp
20.ElmaElmah, ElmahApple
21. ElsaElsah, ElssaGod’s promise
22. EmiraEmirah, EmieraPrincess
23. ElifElef, EliffSlender, Tender
24. ElviraElvirah, ElveeraTrue to all
25. EnyaEnyah, EniaLittle fire
26. EritaEritah, EreetaBeautiful lady
27. EshaEshah, EshaaDesire
28. EllaEllah, EllaaBeautiful fairy maiden
29. ElnaraElnarah, ElnarraMother of the sun
30. EsfirEsfira, EsfyrStar
31. ElinaElinaa, ElinahNoble, Truthful
32. ElsaElssa, ElsahGod’s oath
33. ElyanaElyanah, ElyannaSun ray
34. ElvinaElvinah, ElveenaElf friend
35. EmaraEmarah, EmarahPrincess
36. EbruEbroo, EbrouMarble
37. ElvanElvaan, ElvaneColors
38. EfsaEfsah, EfsaaHighest social standing
39. ElidaElidah, ElidaaWinged
40. EliraElirah, EliraaTo be free
41. EdaEdah, EdaaWealthy
42. EminaEminah, EmminaTrustworthy
43. EftelaEftelah, EftelaahWindow
44. EfsunEfson, EfsuneMagic, Charm
45. EdanaEdaanah, EdanahFire
46. EylulEyloul, EyluleSeptember
47. EkinEkyn, EkineHarvest
48. EbruEbroo, EbrouMarble
49. EzelEzeel, EzellUnique, Singular
50. EceEcee, EcehQueen

Thanks for taking the time to explore our list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with E. We hope you’ve found inspiration and perhaps even the perfect name for your future star. Don’t forget to check out more of our carefully curated baby name idea lists on our site – the journey to the perfect name doesn’t stop here!

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