50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With S for Your Little Star

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Hey there, future mom! Looking to give your little boy a name that’s unique, rich in heritage, and starts with the ‘S’? You’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with S that are simply sensational and steeped in culture.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Names have the power to shape identities. Take the example of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan, an influential Afghan political activist and Islamic scholar whose name resonates in history. Or perhaps the talented Sayed Salahuddin, a renowned journalist and current Afghan news agency chief. These figures stand as shining synonyms to the significance of Afghan names beginning with ‘S’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SabirSaber, SaabirPatient
SaboorSabur, SabourPatient
SafwanSafuan, SafvaanPure, Clear
SajidSaajid, SajedOne who bows down
SalimSaleem, SalemSafe, Sound
SamirSameer, SamerEntertaining companion
SaqibSaqeb, SaquebShining Star
SarwarSarvar, SarwaarChief, Leader
SattarSatar, SattaarVeil, Coverer
ShafiqShafeeq, ShafiqueCompassionate, Tender
ShafiullahShafiuallah, Shafi’ullahAllah’s Mercy
ShakibShakieb, ShakiebPatience, Gift
ShakirShaker, ShaakirThankful
ShamsShamis, ShamzSun
SharifShareef, SherifNoble, Honourable
ShoaibShuayb, ShueybWho shows the right path
SiddiqSiddeeq, SiddiqueTruthful
SirajSiraaj, SiraajLight, Lamp
SohaibSuhaib, SohaibReddish, Slightly Red
SubhanSubhaan, SubhaanPraiseworthy
SufianSufyaan, SufyanFast, Light
SuhailSohail, SuhaylSmooth, Easy
SultanSultaan, SultaneKing
SumairSumaer, SumaerGood Friend
SaeedSayeed, Sa’idHappy, Fortunate
SamadSamaadOne who is not dependant
ShahbazShabaz, ShaahbaazRoyal Falcon
ShehzadShahzad, ShehzaadPrince
ShoaibShuayb, ShuyeibWho shows the right path
SadiqSadeeq, SadiqueTruthful
SaboorSabur, SabourPatient
ShayanShaayan, ShayenAdmirable
SalehSaleeh, SaalehGood, Virtuous
ShafiqulShafeequl, ShafiqulVery compassionate
SanaullahSanaullah, Sana UllahWorshiper of Allah
ShadabShadaab, ShaadabFresh
ShaafShaaff, ShaafOne who gives health
SaifullahSaif Ullah, SaifullaSword of Allah
ShakoorShakur, ShaqoorVery grateful
SiratSiraat, SeraatPath, Road
SaabitSaabith, SabetFirmly in place
SadiSadee, SaadiBlessed
ShujaShojaa, ShujaaBrave
SafdarSafder, SafdaarBreaking the enemy’s front
SajawalSajawaal, SajawelBright, Light
SudaisSoadais, SudayceThe sixth heaven
SherazShiraz, SherazSweet
SarfarazSarfarz, SarfraazKing

Thank you for taking the time to explore our list of 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With S. We hope you found a name as special as your future little boy. Remember, choosing a name is the first of many exciting decisions you’ll make as a parent. Keep the inspiration flowing by exploring more of our baby name idea lists – there’s a world of unique and beautiful names awaiting you on our site!

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